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In Japan in April 2002 I was staying most of my nights in capsule hotels - wander out at 1.30am and find a place to stay crash-pads. One night, all my usual Shinbashi joints were full. There was the usual coterie of Chinese? ladies offering their services, "massaji?" "massaji!" It was late, they were getting a little more insistent than usual, following and talking to you. One woman, short hair Chinese, in her late 30s, asked me if I wanted a massage. I said I needed a place to sleep. She invited me to sleep in her massage parlor. I had tried that before, and it was uncomfortable. It's not a massage table, I asked, it's a bed? She nodded emphatically. I would have own room to boot, she promised.

shinbashi street scene Once upstairs, parted from my 6000 yen rent, I saw it was, in fact, a massage table, in a room made of partitions with no door or ceiling. She came up close to me and gestured for a handjob by stroking me through my pants. Didn't I want a massage, now that I was up here? Her physical closeness aroused me. I demurred hard, saying I hadn't done such a thing. I could feel my heart pounding hard in my chest, throat dry, some growing stiffness in my pants. I was panicking. She said it would only be 4000 yen more. And then I could still sleep there.

I was nervous; it was nothing I had ever done. But it didn't seem that difficult, or odd a thing to do. Tired, horny and curious, I caved. She had me shower and lie down on the thin massage table. She removed her jeans and shirt to reveal a one-piece swimsuit. She coated my back with oil and aimlessly rubbed at it - among the most perfunctory back massages I've ever had. Then she had me flip over, oiled up my cock and went at it. I had my arms behind my head, looking down observing all of her gesticulations. She was going fast, she was going slow, she said strong! Energetic! Big! Confidence boosters. She wanted me to ejaculate quickly, I realized, because then she'll be done. I could sustain my 10000 yen handjob for quite some time if I used my mind to calm my cock. But that's not the point here.

Too many thoughts were going through my head; I was having trouble reaching that cum-peak. I asked her to kiss me - I felt too distant, strange. She thought I was asking for oral sex, she said that would cost extra. I let that go, thinking about the things that had been inside of her mouth. I came, a small white fountain in my short hairs. She cleaned me up with a wet towel. I slept a terrible night on a narrow hard massage table, while a gaggle of five chinese ladies convened after massage hours to gossip and eat and carry on right next to my partition. It was about 3.40 when I went to bed, I had a meeting at 9.30am.

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