August 29, 2004

tale of two pairs

You should write this part up on your web site, she said - a brief respite from our kissing. But make the people anonymous, we agreed.

It was obvious what had triggered this notion from her: we were six people, three men, three women, who had evolved from spin the bottle at 2am to freestyle spit swapping and loving stroking pile-ons by 3.30am. This woman and I had really chosen to focus on each other, what an evening that was.

Which left the other two pairs. One young man was answering the door; there had been a knock: a stoner neighbor had his car stolen, and he needed to borrow a phone. As our young man stood hearing the story and preparing to assist, the two girls were locked in a deep tongue driven embrace, furiously kissing and rocking such that they rolled in front of the door distracting the men from their business.

Yah, the young man explained, we got some weird shit going on in here.

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