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Hanging with Howard

Hanging with Howard, in the garden, the day before his birthday

Ellington's jazz is classical music played recklessly

in their mid-teens, Howard & gf Poola shared early dates at an AZ public library researching Buddhism

I say "google it for me" to people I'm driving with

speaking of drinking
Howard says I have in-the-moment charm, like an alcoholic
his recommendation: don't stay in one place and drink alcohol

Maybe I should interview my USC professors about their work, as a way to understand them and see what I have to learn from them.

Howard's Reed Professor and friend Jim Webb left small notes in books and dishes and shelves around Howard's office and greenhouse. Howard continues to discover them after Jim passed from the earth.

Carry clothes in my car - things to change into, outfits throughout the day.

Howard recommends this meditation: "notice you can't control your thoughts"

I should really see the film Slackers

I said "our friendship is a small support group" - he was amused by that.

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