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Kellog Foundation Meeting - Opening Night

this discussion turns out to be quite close to my heart - how to motivate people to learn. that's the larger mission; the focus of this meeting is to understand how technologies might be used to promote self-directed learning amongst youngsters who can't deal with school.
there's an anti-standardized testing undercurrent here - you can't standardize test for creativity and passion and leadership
one participant recommends Jane Adams, what about John Dewey or Francis Parker?
promoting "tinkering" as a means of learning
jean lave? read lave & wagner educational anthropologist
today, creating at the same pace as experiencing
embracing student context - building the social and knowledge network around them.
entertainment, play has to be apologized for in our society
redefining literacy - integration of multimedia
students are happy working in the vernacular of media
teaching students to use technology and social understanding in the service of society

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