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thanks to april chan for these two pix:
attitude plus drugz equals bleuh ?

trip kit.

I don't trip so much any more these days, I feel I gleaned enough from 50 some odd psychedelic occasions.

If you're going to trip in the great beyond (off your couch), try a trip pack, a drug kit if you will.

There is always a risk you will leave it, especially in an addled state of mind. On the other hand, if you can learn to put things back in your bag, and keep your bag on your back, this stuff can really help you out - come through in a pinch.

change of clothes - something warm to wear.
you never know when the trip might enter the defication or vomitous zone, or the weather takes a dive
if you wear glasses or contacts, bring the spare stuff.
this is a luxury item - if you remember, they're nice to stare at and add nice ambiance.
even if you don't plan on having sex, you should have one or two of these on you, just in case. You wouldn't want to catch a sexually transmitted disease
eye candy.
art supplies
left with a moment of peace or unstimulation, drawing your thoughts can be engaging, especially months down the line
if you aren't artistically inclined, try writing down some of your revelations.
tape recorder
if you can't write your revelations, try speaking them.
if you can't speak your revelations, try capturing your facial emotive state. Pictures of people on acid always look so strange! got that severe gleam in their eyes...

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