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From: PornoUrge@aol.com Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 22:25:24 -0500 To: PERRYFARR@aol.com Subject: Throwin' a bone... ;=)
~~~~~~~~ H E L L O ! ~~~~~~~~ Just thought I'd send a note again. I don't really have ALL that much to tell...things are busy, tho! Right now, the new Porno For Pyros album, "Good Gods-Urge" is actually, really, finally, seriously, fantastically, truly, no-kiddingly scheduled for: May 28th release! The artwork is coming together, and it is beautiful--totally worth the wait! The painting that Perry did is not on the cover, but now it's inside the packaging, and it has a special message to it. You'll see. The cover is a gorgeous photo of our good friend, Christine--an angelic image. The songs, & order.....you ask? OK--here goes: "Porpoise Head" "100 Ways" "Tahitian Moon" "Kimberly Austin" "In The Thick Of It All" "Good Gods-Urge" "Wishing Well" "Dogs Rule The Night" "Freeway" "Bali Eyes" AND, since everyone on the planet is asking about Lollapalooza (and Perry's involvement) all I can say is this: Perry is moving on to a bigger and better idea/concept, and pretty much WILL NOT be involved with this year's Lolla at all. Trust me: His new idea is a dream come true....very cool! Also, see the new issues of Spin and Option for new interviews/photos with Perry. The Spin is more general, and Option talks more about the new album. Lastly, there's now a TON of names on our e-mail list, and I'm doing the best I can to answer your mail and/or questions as much a possible. BUT, please go easy on me, and realize I'm just a human with a life--- I may not be able to keep it as personal as I'd like. Is that a deal? You WILL always get the inside scoop...that I promise! OK--gonna run now. "Their eyes are God, in a glass full of jelly"---- Paul V. :-) PS--If you got this letter twice, it means you are on the list twice, so pleae reply back that this happened. It's hard to keep track of all the new names....
From: PornoUrge@aol.com Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 00:59:33 -0500 To: Psiflay@aol.com Subject: Slight change....
~~~~Dear Patient Porno For Pyros People--- Are you gonna hate me? <gulp> I bear news, which you don't want to hear. Hummannahummannahummanna..... I last told you May 28 as the release date for the Porno For Pyros album, "Good Gods Urge". Since that time, some new changes and additions have occured in the artwork..... Sooooo, with deadlines being deadlines, we can't get it out until-----JUNE 11. It's only two weeks after the date I last told you, and again, it's worth the wait. Perry even agreed that "having a beautiful package is worth two weeks". Again, I urge you all to pick up the new OPTION. Perry's on the cover, and his interview and ideas are just leaping off the pages. You will get an insight into the ENIT FESTIVAL as well. Lollapalooza will be a nice part of his history, but not his future. That's all for now....more info to come! Paul V. PS--There was some confusion out there as to who I am. I co-manage Porno For Pryos. Someone thought I was the 'blood-letting clown' on the last Porno tour. NOT ME--that was Bubba. I am, however, the guy dressed like the devil in balloons on the cover of the "Little Sadness" CD-single. PPS--I also work with a really cool L.A. band called EXTRA FANCY. Their record comes out on May 14 on Atlantic. Have you heard of them? You will.....if you want more info, let me know.

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