october 03

this evening, in my spam, I am offered affordable dental care, otherwise secret information on my friends and family, cheap DVD players and information on physics, god and the coming rapture.

this evening, today, i somehow managed to break my netscape including my web and email access

lately i've been technologically turned on by Windows 2000's Terminal Service Client. I can log into my work computer, ICQ recpords, Excel spreadsheet, Thrill Kill Desktop Pattern.

a friend of ours plays chicken with the big decesions in her life until her friends dive in for a last minute rescue. maybe we all do.

to whiteguy stories, like American Pie, amy sez "who gives a shit, fuck you guys"

from mrdillyyo

with this: http://www.zombiebloodbath.com/xhead.gif - the best animated gif of the year.

otherwise, this page is scattered - see gx notes for more up to date coverage.

Yesterday: 17 September

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