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17 september

crested butte is a nice place to visit, i'm sure
i was there for 37 hours. the thin air was invigorating but somehow something so pure is so easily tainted and all the trucks bringing all the materials for all the new homes just kinda oversaturated my lungs with diesel and those slow driving pick up owners with barking dogs and the true darkness, nearly true, late at night overcold walking through the streets in a summertime sport coat i was underprepared and not committed because i knew i'd be leaving too soon to wander off and really stare at the stars
mark osborne's more what a schlep up here if you don't linger! i had a good speech-time and met lots of nice folks. one tai chi woman sat next to me during resfest shorts - isn't mark osborne's "more" really the gaming console story? and the whole time she did this chi balancing exercise with her hands, like she was rubbing some ball over her lap. i think it was supposed to calm her down, it kinda turned me on. energy conducting - who knew?

denver airport - no luggage carts. no courtesy. hey - hoseheads, i'm a passenger here! afford me a less sore shoulder. lady at the "traveller's information booth" - we don't allow luggage carts past security because people might smuggle stuff in with them. are you kidding? smuggle what, a chin-up bar?

story from denver, related to me by a freelance writer woman who bought me beer and liked a few of my ideas for stories she might pitch to time. guy in downtown denver forces his wife to wear a sign "adulteror" and walks behind her proclaiming condemnations and prodding her around. man, colorado.

work site deadline. lots of work. i'm trying to be a good employee. i gave a sticker to a 12 year old girl from florida, she had a clear backpack so it was good advertising, even in a pocket.

it's amazing how hallucinogenic 4 hours of sleep can be. if i can disregard this scrape in the back of my throat and concentrate on my bleary feelings, i'll make it past paranoia that mucas might cut short my hearing as i board the flight to rain pounded new york.

i generally like people, especially when i'm around people who don't. there was one dude who expressed to me after my talk his fear that kids are really learning nothing except violence and abbreviated attention spans. and then i take this united flight and everyone eats reconstituted chicken part sandwiches, collectively eating this gristly meatmass and i have nothing to fear for the children of tomorrow - they are the offspring of today.

strangest thing happened to me a few weeks ago - i went to a door, touched the metal doorframe, and immediately in my mouth i had the taste of metal.

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