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commentson 28 October 2004 : 19:10, anne sez:

I say, sue yer that lazy, lackadaisical landlord, take the money, and live it up in Mexico! I mean, what's his problem,anyway?? I do know, about landlords, though. My house, as you know, has a garden overshot with weeds (though admittedly she has made some attempt this spring to put in a garden), the whole back is slowly rotting away, and, well,there's always something that needs tending to!

commentson 28 October 2004 : 19:41, nubchai sez:

O.k. I'm tired and a bit under the weather so maybe I'm missing something here. I thought you bought the house. Are you renting?

commentson 28 October 2004 : 19:42, C(h)ristine sez:

Justin sure has a lot of bad landlords. :)

commentson 28 October 2004 : 19:44, C(h)ristine sez:

p.s. All kidding's a big undertaking to own a house! If you can afford it, maybe hire a personal assistant to get all that taken care of in short order? And a housekeeper! They're wonderful, at least to get things in order.

My observations are that while you had all the help a couple months back, things moved along -- the synergy seemed key. Now you're in school, living's easy to let things slide.

commentson 28 October 2004 : 22:13, Liz sez:

Normally this is the kind of stuff people take a week off of work to get organized.

commentson 29 October 2004 : 05:02, EthanB sez:

That was classic. I might ask you to write to my landlord. The box of old cassette tapes in the guest room was only supposed to be there for a few weeks, and it's been six years.

commentson 29 October 2004 : 07:19, Jason sez:

I don't know California state laws, but I am sure there is some legal action that could be taken if your landlord doesn't follow through with making repaires to the place you rent. It sounds like you would have a pretty strong case.

commentson 29 October 2004 : 08:37, Cheryl Rose sez:

I also thought you bought the place.....But having said that I've lived in California my whole life and I've NEVER known a landlord to be responsible for a damn thing. But when you leave the place you will be utterly floored at just how responsible YOU are for every little thing they can find wrong to withhold your deposit.

commentson 29 October 2004 : 08:50, C(h)ristine sez:

I believe this is a tongue-in-cheek letter -- Justin did buy the house, he's writing a letter to himself. :)

Quite clever.

commentson 29 October 2004 : 10:00, jen sez:

ummm, do you guys think that justin was writing TO HIMSELF? or was the confusion expressed in the comments just further irony? eeek. you are all either very dumb, or very smart, or just oddly self-important. and justin, were you "repeatedly hoping" or repeatedly attempting? it's all funny, but clunky. and get on that water damage shit, babe, it is THE WORST!!!

commentson 29 October 2004 : 14:50, alison sez:

oh man, fucking hilarious.

commentson 29 October 2004 : 18:53, J sez:

ha ha. nubchai, it's called irony. justin, what are those, blood stains on your couch? there's something kind of eerie about it, like someone was bludgeoned on the edge of that thing. but it's cool, ntl.

commentson 29 October 2004 : 22:20, phoric sez:

You mean, I can write to my landlord and get free mattresses, couches, and even housecleaning? Shoot, I've been sleeping on a 3" thick foam pad for a year in my apartment.

commentson 31 October 2004 : 11:51, Judy sez:

Is the dumpster still outside? If so just start chucking! If not - call haulers and get rid of the rain soaked stuff, including the chairs on the back deck. They will never dry out again and if they do they will stink and warp.
Have you called Paul? Offer to fly him down to get your life in order! Whoops, he needs his tools...tell him you will pay gas. It will still be cheaper in the long run. He will get rid of all the stuff for you and make nice little piles. He will lecture on the way but you can handle it.
You have not learned the lesson Howard taught me - Time is Money. You have to get rid of the stuff that is bogging you down and you are going to have to pay someone to haul it away. You did learn the lesson about editing your life before paying to move it. I know you will never do that again. Something we all do only once!
The tree is beautiful.
You are very funny.

commentson 31 October 2004 : 16:17, Russ sez:

this is classic, justin. i'm always a fan of your humor. good luck working on your stuff. make a prioritized "to do" list and start getting them done. you'll feel accomplished and more motivated as you mark things off your list and get even just one thing done each day. again, thanks for the grins and good luck.

commentson 1 November 2004 : 13:32, Jason sez:

I am the fool.*blush*

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