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commentson 11 September 2004 : 12:03, :: jozjozjoz :: sez:

Hope the weekend is nice sanding weather for you!

commentson 13 September 2004 : 08:17, liza sez:

Try to vacum the coil of the fridge. When it gets dusty it does not cool the freeon (sp?) as well. My fridge is also 20+ years old. Can't wait for it to *really* break so I can get a new stainless steel one. With an ice maker even!

commentson 13 September 2004 : 16:45, GrandTextAuto sez:

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Excerpt: ... I just learned from one of my favorite radio news sources about some UK research that finds that those who keep personal diaries are ruining their health. [R]egular diarists were more likely than non-diarists to suffer from headache...
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