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commentson 9 August 2004 : 07:43, nori sez:

It's always fun to see people give an unintentional shout-out to the underrepresented, middle-voiced string family -- Viola, I met Amy a few weeks later ... How about "cello, I met Amy" or "violin, I met Amy"? VoilĂ  -- a whole new family of interjections!

(Sorry, couldn't resist ...)

commentson 9 August 2004 : 10:58, Liz sez:

I ADORE dreads, do you hear me? ADORE. However,this guy's "dreads" as well as yours Justin, were dreadful. ACK! Sorry guys, but you both look way better without them.

Examples for hot dreaded men are....

Zack da la Roche
Sherman Austin
Lenny Kravitz (when he had them)
Bob Marley

Ps. Congrats Chris for making your wife a whole lot happier. I bet you'll never have dreads again. *wink*

commentson 9 August 2004 : 18:50, Yu-Sama sez:


commentson 9 August 2004 : 20:39, James sez:

Would somebody please enlighten a square, short-haired white boy about exactly what dreds are?

Yeah, I know what they look like.

But are they just matted hair? If you wash your long hair but never comb it, are dreds the result?

Doesn't dirt and shit get in 'em?

If all they are is matted hair, then how can one cultivate "good" dreds versus "bad" dreds.

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