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commentson 27 April 2004 : 11:55, sez:

Nobody commemorates a fucking lunch box for their kids. They pack the fucking lunch and shoo them off to schoo.

This is ridiculous. Justin is lying to us. Post after post.

commentson 27 April 2004 : 11:59, justin sez:

Art is made of moments typically passed over by busier minds.

commentson 27 April 2004 : 21:09, James sez:

Forget about the lunch boxes. I am trying to figure out Mimi can afford to have two kids, earn two Ph.D.s (see her website!), own a house in L.A., pack lunchboxes and commemorate them on a website, and read to her kids at night.

Is Mimi another one of these people who are independently wealthy, from family money or whatever, and can afford to indulge fantastic, digital, intercontinental lifestyles inaccessible to the rest of us?

commentson 29 April 2004 : 11:14, kiri sez:

Wow, i'm addicted to Mimi's moblog. The boxes are so painterly and tasty looking - I'm thinking about making my own - I love the little surprises and dividers.

commentson 30 April 2004 : 12:25, bentoqueen sez:

james - grow up.
one does not have to be rich to give a damn about one's children.

that mimi's one smart lady
indendent wealth has nothing to do with it.

commentson 2 May 2004 : 03:53, Thom sez:

I wondered after reading the piece: who is Mimi's husband?

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