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commentson 9 April 2004 : 02:20, Taylor sez:

Boy Justin, you sure have balls telling people about your sexual escapades.

Sure beats your time with Jane. Jeez, I don't think you ever mentioned your sex life with her.

Anyway, I am quite impressed that you shared that info, just another reason why I come to:

commentson 9 April 2004 : 03:56, Liz sez:

I'm impressed that you didn't jump right into another relationship after your last breakup. You've stayed on your own and that takes courage.

commentson 9 April 2004 : 07:52, Taylor sez:

Maybe he didn't have a choice, Liz. Maybe there were no other relationships for him to go into.

commentson 9 April 2004 : 09:05, justin sez:

Yeah! Hah - maybe I'm a bent up old weirdo with steadily decreasing appeal to all but the strangest members of the opposite sex. It takes time for me to find someone who can put up with me!

commentson 9 April 2004 : 16:14, alison sez:

hmmmmm, i see that you left the dark sex den at 1:00 am, yet you didnt arrive home until 2:40. could all that groping in the dark maybe really have been some good foreplay? for your sake, hope so!

commentson 9 April 2004 : 21:34, James sez:

Call me old-fashioned, but I found the whole sex-den thing pretty disgusting.

I guess this just points up my own stodginess -- the idea of crawling around in the dark and jerking some stranger's limp dick is not something I would do.

Thanks, Justin -- you've helped me clarify the difference between you and me!

commentson 10 April 2004 : 13:45, tony sez:

Great writing about the sex party Justin. I almost felt like I was there. Next time you come to NY, if you still want to experiment with guys, drop me a line.

commentson 18 April 2004 : 18:09, meredith sez:

i was surfing around for something totally different than this and then i remembered your wonderous account of sexuality and journeys into " sacred sex " so here it is :)

thank you so very much for sharing yourself with all of us.
you are quite a treat.

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