Comments on what free time does to a person
commentson 9 March 2004 : 16:19, Liz sez:

Robin, call me crazy, but I think you look awesome in the coat, shades and hat! Très chic. Very, "Martha Stewart's fur collar on her way into the courthouse." I'm lovin that style girl. ;)

commentson 9 March 2004 : 19:01, Taylor sez:

Robin is hot! I would point and click that.

commentson 10 March 2004 : 13:56, jerome sez:

hi Justin--
I really like your schedule and obligations for April and May so far, keep it that way please
It's perfect. I'll call to say bonjour soon-

commentson 11 March 2004 : 10:08, Katherine sez:

read your post on sacred sexuality . . . was one of my favorite subjects for a while and I collected some odd info . . . will share if you'd like . . :)

commentson 11 March 2004 : 10:33, Scott Moore sez:

Apprapo of little more than you going to SXSW, I just found out that the How's Your News? band are scheduled to play one night while there. Check them out if you can. They are odd, funny and touching. Wish I could make it.

commentson 11 March 2004 : 20:06, roBin sez:

The thing about that coat is - it weighs 30 lbs. Ok maybe not that much - but easily 10. That's a lot of fur.

I bought it for $25 bucks at the Evanston Women's Auxilliary thrift (where I just got some vintage YSL stuff - it's really a great store)... but I feel guilty wearing it. It's... just so much FUR.

What you can't see in Justin's photo (so flattering - thank you!) is that the lining is this super thick 50's satin - a geometric print in different shades of brown. Also, it's monogrammed.

I think that's my favorite part about the coat. I put it on and wonder: Who was the woman who bought this coat? Where the FUCK did she wear it?

It certainly stands out on the el train.


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