Comments on Northern California Weekend
commentson 7 March 2004 : 15:14, peterme sez:

When you return to Yuet Lee (you will be returning, won't you?), get the salt and pepper prawns -- they are divine. Also, whatever the whole fish is (usually catfish or seabass) in black bean sauce. The black bean sauce makes a delightful topping for white rice.

commentson 7 March 2004 : 16:05, may sez:

california sunshine sounds pretty good compared to nyc...snow?!?

commentson 7 March 2004 : 21:10, alison sez:

Did you happen to notice that the women at Yuet Lee, on the right, directly behind Anil, was also photographing her food? Kinda weird, no?
I'm thinking evidence of something?
Maybe try somewhere else next time.

commentson 8 March 2004 : 10:07, john sez:

alison- i think thats a soup bowl but i could be wrong.

justin- do you know every important figure of the cultural underground in the bay area?! i mean, jeez, you never fail to surprise me with the faces that appear in your intimate photographs.

commentson 8 March 2004 : 21:58, Mimi sez:

Have you tried Gold Mountain in Chinatown? Yum.

commentson 8 March 2004 : 22:11, Danielle Klinenberg sez:

Justin - I am trying to hook you up friend, Jolie - - - - - - who will play in Austin next week.


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