Comments on Just In Tokyo Released to the Waiting Web
commentson 2 March 2004 : 14:49, Howard sez:

"Chant it in an airplane bathroom" is the best writing you've done in...a while. More!

commentson 2 March 2004 : 18:18, Terence sez:

Um, you left 8 copies at my house last time you were here...

commentson 2 March 2004 : 23:22, Lee sez:

That book was great... the only problem was I didn't get half of the jokes until I had been there. So make sure you read it on the trip back, too.

commentson 5 March 2004 : 02:15, Sean sez:

I was hoping the book was going to get reprinted since I'm going to Japan for a while this summer. Thanks for making it available to all of us.

commentson 5 March 2004 : 03:37, Frank Gibson sez:

This sounds really interesting, I've always had a fascination with Japan and aspire to travel there sometime in the future. Thanks!

commentson 5 March 2004 : 15:22, patricio lopez sez:

Why do I get this image of you with Cory Doctorow in a candel-light vigil chanting The Beatles "Revolution"

commentson 5 March 2004 : 22:26, Jason sez:

I wish I would have known about this book last summer before I went to Japan. I am going there again this summer, so hopefully I can put it to use.
This is a great read by the way.

commentson 14 March 2004 : 07:16, donkeymon sez:

I used this book when I first came to Japan. I actually bought a PDF of it, a few years ago. How progressive was that? It was very useful. I read the whole thing on the 16 hour plane ride over, and again on the ride back, when it was like a whole new book because I understood all the stuff in it. So it was like two books for the price of one. But two books for free is even better. And this one is worth every penny.

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