Comments on Ten Years Ago Tuesday
commentson 28 January 2004 : 18:09, sid sez:

I remember stumbling across your page 10 years ago (probably not to the month, but possibly) and thinking "That looks so cool - I really need to learn some of this HTML stuff and start a page!"
Kinda put that off until 2000, and never really dedicated myself to a site until last year, but have enjoyed your ramblings off and on ever since. (Wasn't even scared by the photo of you in the black teddy.)
Congratulations! I am inspired by your lust for Life (and your willpower to create a freelancing career).
Stay happy.

commentson 28 January 2004 : 18:11, justin sez:

You mean this pic. Hah! Thank you Sid. Glad you got your start online as well.

commentson 28 January 2004 : 18:38, sid sez:

That's the one! That and the Jane's Addiction sound clip were the two things that really stuck out when I remembered your early work.

commentson 28 January 2004 : 19:05, Tin Tin sez:


May life treat you well, Justin.

commentson 28 January 2004 : 20:33, Tish sez:

Thanks for doing what you do.

commentson 28 January 2004 : 23:25, alison sez:

damn, going down your memory lane just took me down mine. revisiting all of your old pages made me think of what i was doing at that time as well. in the time that ive been following ive gotten engaged, married, gotten divorced, switched jobs four times, and went back to school and got another degree, not to mention rocking no less than 100 different hairdo's (and don'ts.) thanks for the memories justin, yours and mine! here's to another 10, kid.

commentson 28 January 2004 : 23:38, justin sez:

Holy Shit Allison - that's quite a dense recollection. Does that make you wish you'd had a web site to record and revisit it all? Maybe not! But at least the hair-dos.

commentson 28 January 2004 : 23:49, alison sez:

Believe me, most of my hair-do graveyard is better off forgotten, although, i must say, you may have kicked my ass in the "don't" department a couple of times in the past decade. (That odd shave job, post unicorn fountain thing...explain those please.)

commentson 29 January 2004 : 13:35, Taylor sez:

"At the other end of the scale, we are honoured to have with us a revolutionary of different calibre. He has revolted, resisted, fought, held fast, maintained, destroyed resistance, overcome coercion. The right to be person, someone or individual. We applaud his private war and concede despite materialistic efforts he has survived intact and secure. All that remains is recognition of a man, a man of steel, a man magnificently equipped to lead us, that is, lead us or go." The Prisoner

For you Justin.

commentson 29 January 2004 : 14:22, Tristan Louis sez:

Congrats on reaching the big ten... and on sticking to the freelance side. I was just reminiscing about the same thing a few days ago. We've gone a long way. Thought you might get a kick out of this remembrance of how things changed since then.

commentson 29 January 2004 : 20:53, Liz sez:

Congrats Justin, and in honor of your anniversary, I've been sick! Woo-Hoo Party On!

I found your blog when I was doing a search for Jane's Addiction. I went to there concert on October 3, 2001, so it was about that time that I found you. Thanks for sharing and inspiring others to do the same.

commentson 29 January 2004 : 23:25, C(h)ristine sez:

10 years already?! I had my first webpage up in '93, was one of the first 500 women on the web...but alas, lost that webpage and started another and another...and like alison ran through a gamut of life experiences and milestones with their ups and downs (graduated from college, dated, engaged, unengaged, married, bought 2 houses, gone through 4+ jobs, etc... but unlike alison, had less than 100 hairstyles!)

I ran across pre-1996...circa your Chandra days! I was enchanted by your life and perspective, and have been a regular reader ever since. Thanks for sharing, Justin, and inspiring!

commentson 30 January 2004 : 15:32, Wendy sez:

About 8-9 years ago, I first came to the Web. I went to Yahoo and did a search using the word "astrology". Your site came up in the first few sites listed.

I've been reading ever since.

commentson 1 February 2004 : 04:44, Pascal sez:

Your really influenced my life.
Although I read that you see this movie "homepage" a in a critical way, in 2000 (at the age of 20) this was my first contact with your homepage and the reason to go online. Now web is my profession.
From that point on I read your site.

Thank you so much.

commentson 2 February 2004 : 17:07, robnit sez:

Vicarious: 1. Felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another: read about mountain climbing and experienced vicarious thrills. 2. Endured or done by one person substituting for another: vicarious punishment. 3a. Acting or serving in place of someone or something else; substituted. b. Committed or entrusted to another, as powers or authority; delegated. 4. Physiology Occurring in or performed by a part of the body not normally associated with a certain function.

commentson 3 February 2004 : 07:24, John Hargrave sez:

Congratulations on ten great years. Thanks for keeping the faith.

I look forward to the hairstyles that the next ten years will bring.

commentson 4 February 2004 : 00:30, ntboy sez:

10 years? that was back when I was on netscrape 1.1 surfing from the old irix box over the slip connection. Wasn't it Justin's Underground Links (or was that just the perv links I remember...) I've still got my first web page archived with the link back to you!

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