Comments on painting potential of my bachelorhood
commentson 18 January 2004 : 22:52, Taylor sez:

You are a unique man Justin. You are not one of the ordinary. Do not ever forget that.

commentson 18 January 2004 : 23:08, Herb sez:

Bachelor or not, it is important to find personal creative outlets. I've been missing that for some time now and have just started the process to get back into the creative habit.

commentson 19 January 2004 : 06:00, Liz sez:

Yes, we singles must embrace where we are right now, today. Pursuing my own interests, fulltime, is one of the many pleasures of being single. Maybe I will paint a picture and mail it to you for your gallery. :D

commentson 19 January 2004 : 14:08, john sez:

Clicking onto Howard's site I found out that he co wrote one of my favorite books : Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. I was wondering if you are into lucid dreaming justin, it is a great way to gleam some inspirational gems for art or life.

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