Comments on Personal Filing: Peter Merholz
commentson 14 January 2004 : 12:36, fish sez:

even tho I use a computer for everything, I keep important dates and files in paper. I use a filofax, which is exactly like ical in every way except with paper. while it can't be copied and synced via the internet worldwide, it never runs out of batteries and I don't need to upgrade drives and such to read it. despite this it comes in a sexy black leather case, and I can stuff my checkbook and other physical miscellany into it.

but that's just me. as far as I can ascertain, everyone has a different methodology for this kind of shit, and everyone learned their particular methodology through trial and error. I myself can attest to several abysmal attempts to organize myself before finding out what works, and those methods I do use now are far from completely perfect if you asked me.

maybe they should teach it in school? this, and how not to fuck up your credit rating and whatnot. that'd be a hit, yeah.


commentson 14 January 2004 : 19:07, Brian Ruh sez:

I desparately need an external way of organizing my daily/weekly/monthly tasks, as I currently rely solely on my built-in wetware. My brain has yet to fail me but it does make me nervous that I will forget something.

Justin, I appreciate your highlights of these various organizational methods. however, how long do these people devote to the task of organization? This is my main problem--I'd rather be doing something than planning to do it.

commentson 16 January 2004 : 06:21, Pascal Opitz sez:

What 'bout all the Win-Users?
Any app that works like ical for us?
My way to organize my files is to have a good organisation of my email in- and outbox, so I can sort by date. Workfiles are stored in a special folder backupped by date (e.g. "myproject/php/work_030912"). Besides that: could U find anyone who works with CVS and can tell sth about it?

commentson 18 January 2004 : 10:19, Eby sez:

What i'd like to see from Apple is something like itunes for documents. iTunes keeps my mp3s organized and iPhoto keeps my photos organized but where's iDocuments. Would be nice to just drag documents in, set up albums/folders, assign metadata, easilty sort/search. I don't need some fancy filesystem as some have suggested, I just need a better frontend than Finder/Explorer. Maybe there's a 3rd party app i haven't found yet, but from the looks of it no else has found it either.

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