Comments on What Do I Look Like?
commentson 12 January 2004 : 20:55, Liz sez:

What do you look like? Well, Little Lord Fauntleroy comes to mind at first glance. :)

commentson 12 January 2004 : 21:19, Liz sez:

Hey my link didn't show up! :(

commentson 13 January 2004 : 15:35, John Fitz sez:

Justin i have left messages call us if we are going to follow out with Howards call at 800-404-4134

commentson 13 January 2004 : 20:02, Nick Gray sez:

I'd like to submit a better photo of you at CES!

Here it is

he's like Billy the Kid
with a holstered six hundred
slinging bullets of hip

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