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commentson 16 December 2003 : 23:17, C(h)ristine sez:

You're not alone -- all your readers will be thinking of you!

commentson 16 December 2003 : 23:23, justin sez:

aww shucks! I hate to imagine all that wasted brain power! But I'm touched through the wires. Thank you Christine.

commentson 16 December 2003 : 23:28, Liz sez:

"I'm one of my favorite people to hang out with!"

Good for you. That's half the battle.

commentson 17 December 2003 : 01:38, Taylor sez:

Again Justin, you are always loved at

You are never alone here.


commentson 17 December 2003 : 12:01, alison sez:

Happy Happy Belated Justin! I'm sure most of us wish spending our birthdays in our own company was so inviting-I know I do! Hope it was lovely.

commentson 17 December 2003 : 16:33, Fleischman sez:

I am here to pay my respects to the Blogfather: Happy Birthday Don Justin!

commentson 18 December 2003 : 05:54, Mathias sez:

Wow. Happy Birthday Justin! .. And nice that your traing akido again (or you just haven't wrote anything about it in a while) :D Hope the cold is soon gone so you don't sneeze all through the holidays :D

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