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commentson 6 December 2003 : 18:13, Fleischman sez:

You're still the man, man. God, where's my chopper?

commentson 6 December 2003 : 19:29, roBin sez:

Ahh, so that's why you didn't answer your phone!

It is cold here, too, tho my nest is warm and cozy. I just put a new light bulb in my closet, so I can see all the party dresses I'm not wearing out on this fine Saturday evening...

When you do get to tearing it up, tear it up for two!

commentson 6 December 2003 : 20:05, Liz sez:

hehe I know what you mean Justin. I've been rocking Rage Against The Machine lately and loving it. Tomorrow, I'm off too Swarthmore for an anti-war film. Enjoy London. :)

commentson 7 December 2003 : 06:18, Pete Barr-Watson sez:

Hey Justin, drop me an email - maybe we can hook up and chat... something we never did in tokyo... You know Mimi is in town too...


commentson 7 December 2003 : 10:39, Michael sez:


I'm in London right now. Failing a get together in SF, how about the UK?

commentson 8 December 2003 : 03:23, Tom Hume sez:


How long are you in London for? Are you speaking anywhere whilst you're here?

commentson 8 December 2003 : 10:30, alison sez:

A bit of Bad Brains trivia...
Did you know that Sacred Love, off of I Against I, was recorded in jail over the telephone? That's pretty punk.

commentson 8 December 2003 : 16:07, Damanda sez:

"Reignition" and "She's Calling You".... both off of I Against I....are some of the finest songs of my angry youth. Later, the lead singer of the band (HR) formed a band called HR (human rights...not human resources) and a friend of mine at the time was in his band. I guess you should never meet your idols since they always disappoint and this time was no exception.

commentson 8 December 2003 : 16:14, justin sez:

Was it worse that meeting Ol' Dirty Bastard, Damanda?

commentson 8 December 2003 : 17:09, justin sez:

Amanda - I had heard that song many times, with the odd but cool muffled vocals. What an awesome story! What lyrics to sing from a cell! I wonder why the vocalist was in jail?

commentson 9 December 2003 : 12:41, alison sez:

Weed bust.
(Alison not Amanda)

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