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commentson 28 November 2003 : 16:44, Joe sez:

Hey, I've been noticing--your photos are always blurred. Always! Flash? Small tripod?

commentson 28 November 2003 : 20:01, justin sez:

no tripod; actually the problem is that I'm still getting used to a new camera. this pentax optio S defaults to multiple autofocus instead of spot autofocus. I'm still learning to use the camera, some day I hope to coax photos from it that will be as nice as the Nikon CoolPix 880 I was using before that camera broke.

commentson 29 November 2003 : 03:47, Mathias sez:

maybe there is some config issue with the shutterspeed or something? .. i have also noticed that almost _all_ the pics seem to have too much shutter open causing this "blur" .. pity when the objects in the images are nice to look at :))

Oh, and i think John IS Zeus, or the leader of Hells Angels :)

commentson 29 November 2003 : 15:20, joe sez:

They're also very yellow. Is there a tungsten or indoor lighting setting to compensate? Also, you could try and minimize shaking by holding the camera in both hands, and supporting your forearms tightly on your chest. It looks dorky but steadies the camera a bit.

commentson 29 November 2003 : 16:47, andrew sez:

I like the slight blur that you have goin' on your images...keep it up. Flashes and focus are way overrated, especially in the digital world.

commentson 29 November 2003 : 22:30, Taylor sez:

If John is Jove,
Justin is Hermes.

commentson 2 December 2003 : 13:22, Don Wrege sez:

The photographs are actually quite accurate. Justin's life IS quite blurred and warm-toned.


p.s. what freaked me out was that there were never any pictures at all of Jane smiling with her mouth open. Does she possess teeth? :-)

commentson 2 December 2003 : 17:15, Dana sez:

My friend has the same camera - I just don't think it takes very good pictures..

commentson 2 December 2003 : 22:47, Ron sez:

guided meditations at 12?
oh man.

commentson 3 December 2003 : 17:13, Bruce sez:

hey, what's up? looking at your site for my new media studies class. i'm a student at stockton college and take this course with professor rettberg (don't know if you know him, he knows a lot of the people he teaches about so i figure you might). anyway, thought i'd tell you i like the site. it covers a broad range of topics and kept my interest, which most blogs do not. keep up the good work man.

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