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commentson 9 November 2003 : 19:03, Michael sez:

Well, it's hard not to dive into the details of life and make to-do lists.

In my short 36 years, I think my goal is now to "Enjoy as much as I can and have fewer regrets."

IMHO, goals gotta be big picture things, that you can only measure from beyond the grave.

commentson 9 November 2003 : 21:22, Fleischman sez:

That's a tough question. And one not easily answered...

commentson 9 November 2003 : 23:03, murray sez:

one day at a time man ;)

commentson 9 November 2003 : 23:07, Joćo Paulo Freire Paglione sez:

"Discipline is a chore that sets you free to fly" - some lady said that.

I found that once I got rid off my TO DO LISTS and stopped writing lists of things I might do and actually did them and didn't think of doing them, they got DONE.

I am only 24 but I feel this urgency for life which reminds me of the character in Solychnistens book CANCER WARD. Curiously enough, I was reading this book about these blokes in a hospital when I was in a hospital in Germany.

Parallel -> Both times I thought I were fucked, being in a hospital and "all" in Germany and just last month. My left ankle in Deutschland and my right ankle now in Coral Springs.

Strangely enough, I found laying in a hospital bed most inspiring. Sure makes you set your priorities straight when you get out!

So, I guess my advice to you Justin, is to go out and hurt yourself and suddenly your life goals will come into focus!!

just kidding!!

commentson 10 November 2003 : 13:13, anne sez:

to-do lists are a plan that should help you accomplish your goals. but it's true, i think the danger is that you get caught up in the every day "must do" that you lose perspective on your transcending goals.

i have two goals in life, both of which are proving very difficult to complete. the first is to do something heroic, you know, save the world, invent cold fusion, you get the idea. the second is to do an act or to make something thas is beautiful.

but these are both, in a way, superficial things. being a spiritual person, i firmly believe that my goal in life is to help my soul learn the lesson that it needs to learn on this plane. this means that i should try live life to its fullest and pursue experience for its own sake, without preconceived notions of fear, doubt, pleasure, etc. i suppose this is all much more abstract than you were digging around for. i suppose on the most immediate level, my goals are to share life with others. that, and hopefully make a decent living.

commentson 10 November 2003 : 13:38, Don Wrege sez:

- at 14 my goal was to be a rock and roll star

- at 16 my goal was to get laid

- at 18 my goal was to not only to become a rock and roll star but to get the hell out of Louisville, KY

- at 20 my goal was to be happy, so in a counterintuitive move, like an idiot I got married

- at 25 my goal was to become *just* economically secure enough through media work to finally become a rock star

- at 30 I realized I wasn't going to be a rock star so my goal became getting the hell away from my freakin' wife

- at 31 my goal became getting laid again

- at 41 my goal became getting an actual job with health benefits so that someday I could afford to buy my own house

- at 49 my goal is to retire with my house paid off before I'm 55 and play a bunch of golf goals at least for me have changed over time as I imagine yours will.

The number one goal should always be to have as much fun as humanly possible because you just never know when it's all going to be over in a finger-snap.

Get well soon,

Don W.
Boulder, CO

commentson 11 November 2003 : 15:14, may sez:

A friend of mine asked me a similar question not too long ago "what's one thing you have to do before you die?" I thought about it and decided that

1. I want to do what I can to make my friends and family happy while I'm alive.

2. I want to make or contribute to something that others find useful or inspiring in some way.

These of course are really vague goals but they kind of help me evaluate the more specific things I want to do...and also made me realize how much of my happiness depends on others. don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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