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commentson 29 October 2003 : 20:49, signal9 sez:

Nice Elric of Melnibone reference. I haven't thought about him in years. I've been down a bit myself over the last couple days, and that little description nails it.

Good luck, hope you're feeling better soon.

commentson 29 October 2003 : 22:27, Bob sez:

I had a dream involving you 2 nights ago. You lived alone in a cabin high up on a mountain with a wide road in front of it, and trees surrounding it on the other three sides. The road led down the mountain where at its bottom was downtown Oakland. Somehow, you'd stumbled upon affordable housing by living in this cabin, and you'd bike down that steep road to town when you needed to. So I arrived at the cabin to visit you. The cabin had three rooms connected by a corridor. You were sleeping in the first room, so I decided to go to sleep in the second room. Somehow, it seemed that you had regular visitors and it wasn't intruding to step into the cabin and doze off. Then you woke up, but were surprised to see me, and kind of lunged forward onto me thinking I was some intruder. Your chest was bare, pale and flat, and I could vaguely smell your armpit odor. But I assured you it was ok and you stood up. Then you had to go to town and zoomed off on your bike down the road. I decided to take a shortcut to town, which was a stairway that went down the mountain, swinging on the banisters at each turn...

commentson 29 October 2003 : 23:35, RIO sez:

dude, I gotta tell ya, if there's one thing you've accomplished for me with these recent posts it's that I've been right all along to avoid those asian bath/massage situations for fear of weird germs. I mean dude, an IV you have to walk around with??? that's scary.

commentson 30 October 2003 : 00:06, Judy sez:

Well, the above post from RIO had me rolling on the floor! I am sure that dittos many reader's thoughts.
Hope you get some energy back tomorrow Justin. Find some things you can eat, and drink sports drinks to keep in check.

commentson 30 October 2003 : 07:18, Camilo sez:

That's what drugs would do to you.

commentson 30 October 2003 : 08:41, C(h)ristine sez:

Did it really come from the Korean bath place?

Rio, that's pretty offensive. Gee, like Asians are dirtier. It's not like Korea is a 3rd world country.


commentson 30 October 2003 : 09:25, mark sez:

I don't know your financials - but as a tax accountant, 99% of the time I would strongly discourage someone from incorporating.

commentson 30 October 2003 : 09:43, Liz sez:

Ok that pic is disturbing. It was actually brave of you to post it. *shudders*

commentson 30 October 2003 : 10:32, RIO sez:

Actually I've been to asia several times, and while I find japan in particular clean enough to sometimes eat off the sidewalk, it's been clearly noted in several journals that there's dangerous bacteria growing in many of those seemingly clean public baths. ( ) So your offense is duly noted, but not really justified given the scientific facts. That said, I don't consider bath house bacteria somehow asia exclusive (a la SARS hysteria), so don't get your panties in a bunch sister.

C(h)ristine said,
"It's not like Korea is a 3rd world country." Well, at least not South Korea, North Korea is a different story. Or is that offensive too?
"While those currently in South Korea enjoy life in an economically successful and democratic country, there are many in the north who are starving and suffering from political oppression. North Korean refugees are those who have tried to escape from North Korea to neighboring countries, such as China and Russia, to find an existence free of hunger, deprivation, and oppression."

commentson 30 October 2003 : 14:52, g sez:

it's amazing how stress, heartache, etc. manifest in physical symptoms... hope you fel better soon

commentson 30 October 2003 : 18:46, denise sez:

i feel for you. i have a staph infection and just got out of the hospital. it bites.

commentson 30 October 2003 : 22:03, C(h)ristine sez:


Thanks for your explanation. That clears stuff up. (although to note, you said you weren't being asia-specific, but in your original post, you did write "asian bath/massage...")

commentson 1 November 2003 : 01:01, RIO sez:

Alas, you have awaked my famed nit picking powers. I believe you are incorrect in your above post when imply that my bacteria comments were asia specific. I clearly said "I don't consider bath house bacteria somehow asia exclusive..." which means, since it's obviously not clear to you, that I've been attracted to the bath houses of asia as they are much lauded worldwide, but have avoided them due to germ concerns; I then qualify the statement by saying germs in bath houses aren't asia exclusive. So-You-See-That-Means-I-Think-ALL-Bathhouses-Harbor-Germs. Eureka! I hope that clears it up for ya! ;^)

commentson 1 November 2003 : 17:39, C(h)ristine sez:


Yes -- I know -- I was just saying you actually SAID "Asian bath/massage..." IN your _ORIGINAL_ post, thereby letting you know _where_ the misunderstanding _might_ have occurred.

THEN -- in my reply to your reply, I said "Thanks for your explanation, blah blah blah"

Hope _THAT_ clears things up.

commentson 2 November 2003 : 01:57, RIO sez:

"misunderstanding" indeed. I'm glad I could help, No problemo! ;^)

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