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commentson 24 October 2003 : 16:36, Liz sez:

This site looks awesome Justin. I love it! I want to get a gif made and post it here to advertise UA. I am still working on your advice about making my blog flat. I'm afraid I need help with all of that and it takes time. Three MT databases? I have no knowledge of that, but will keep watching this space regardless.

London, what a great place. Can't wait to see those pics.

I hope your heart mends soon. I'm thinking of you. Take care.

commentson 24 October 2003 : 22:17, denise sez:

i like the new layout. more organized. how long will you be in london?

commentson 25 October 2003 : 00:49, justin sez:

fabulous pix Denise.

I'm planning to be in London for about three weeks, visiting my brother. He has an apartment there, so I figure it's a good chance to see that part of the world without paying hotel bills. And he's a wonderful, if busy, bloke, so it should be happy-making to spend time with him.

Liz - Three MT databases simply means I have three MT weblogs and they're all drawn into this one site. That way I can have a couple of parallel streams of information all piping together. Like more channels, on a split screen TV!

commentson 25 October 2003 : 00:50, tibor sez:


i like the new design a lot. still got the old, handmade looks but with much more information.

i`m a big fan of pictures on weblogs (see my comment on your recently purchased camera), so i pretty much apprechiate the always new picture on the upper left and the pics from older postings on the right.

your on the right way!

greetings from germany,


commentson 25 October 2003 : 06:28, shady sez:

looks good in mozilla 1.5. although spamassassin is very tasty, combining it with a few extra RBLs makes it super effective. i block over 50% of attempted spammer connections to my mail server.

fighting spam reminds me of a good flea collar: keeps the buggers away, but every once in a while you get one on your ass.



commentson 25 October 2003 : 07:19, Francesco sez:

Hello Justin!

this is my first post here.

I have recently sent you an email just to thank you for the info on japan I found on this nice website and to let you know I now follow your weblog dayly.

The new look of the site looks really nice (IE 6.0) - I might take some ideas for the intranet I run for my company. :)

If you haven't been to London yet, I'm sure you'll love it...there's something special in the air there.

Have a good weekend! bye from Rome,


PS did you take a shower then? :)

commentson 25 October 2003 : 07:53, Marc Canter sez:

looking good dude!

commentson 25 October 2003 : 09:59, Howard sez:

Change is good! (Looks good on Safari)

commentson 25 October 2003 : 14:44, Timothy Burke sez:

Looks pretty good to me too. A bit claustrophobic at times depending on what's in the right-hand column.

commentson 26 October 2003 : 09:22, Mark sez:

Somthing special in the air of london? Whats that, falling pigeon excrement or diesel fumes from the buses? Yeah, like the new look. Glad it kept its simple appearance though. Keep changing that pic in the top left. Regular visual changes help keep it interesting.

commentson 26 October 2003 : 09:39, joshlee sez:

Looks good. The only thing wrong I can see is in individual pages: If the post is on the short side, the "email a link" form runs over the "recent articls" sidebar. This is in Camino and Safari on the mac.

commentson 30 November 2003 : 03:25, Loni Adams sez:

Can't agree more, site looks real good, design loads quicker now too.

commentson 15 March 2004 : 13:44, Petersen Dave sez:

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what's right.

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