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commentson 13 October 2003 : 09:39, anne sez:

heh! the image of the floor of the train where your feet rest stirs fond memories... really, there is no easier (though perhaps somewhat dangerous, as you may miss your stop!) place to fall asleep. somehow, trains in the u.s. just don't sound the same.

commentson 13 October 2003 : 09:43, justin sez:

It's true - trains in Japan have a unique sound and rhythm. BART trains smell like sweat and mildew - a sad side effect of carpets and cushions. But when that train starts moving, I'm tempted to sleep as well. Something about the low rocking motion it must be; transportation often lulls me. But I crank out of it after a bit, as you pointed out, because you'll miss your stop!

commentson 13 October 2003 : 10:11, mark sez:

Thats amazing work. I havent gone through it all yet but I cant believe she doesnt do photography for a living! Embarasing because I do (and teach it) and hope to be that good.

commentson 13 October 2003 : 10:19, justin sez:

Robin is a researcher studying artificial intelligence and computer games. I think she'll be finishing her PhD in the next year, from Northwestern in Chicago. Then I don't know what. She practices photography the way I practice looking around. She had her eye glued to her hulking camera once every hour. If practice makes good photography, she certainly practices. And she has selected her tool; a serious piece of hardware I wrote about before. She's charmed by the way that camera captures color, I think, and I can't say she's wrong.

I would urge her to be professional about phototaking: selling, freelancing or teaching. Declan McCullagh has a pretty good system down on his site - photos you can view, and order easy online. He prints them out on his quality home digital photo printer and sends them out himself. He also does a lot of licensing for magazines and books.

For now Robin has enough work to do it seems, and so I'm happy to enjoy (and be a part of!) her free photos on the web.

commentson 13 October 2003 : 12:42, austin sez:

Robin's photos of me are the only ones I like. I always try to use that one, when someone needs a picture of me.

commentson 14 October 2003 : 02:08, Sean sez:

Those are really awesome photos, reminds me of how crappy my digital camera is and how much I need to get a nicer one before going back to Japan.

commentson 14 October 2003 : 13:35, jim sez:

what kind of shoes are those anyway? im looking for some stylish travel shoes that are easy to remove (my red wing boots just dont cut it in asian countries). I know you have suggestions for underwear, what about shoes?

commentson 14 October 2003 : 14:26, Liz sez:

I really liked those shoes Justin they were cool. Clue us in on that purchase!

commentson 14 October 2003 : 17:25, lil sez:

Me thinks Justin has gone down the Prada Sport route (that distinctive sole and toe) or some company is doing a damn good rip-off of Prada's designs. Justin?

commentson 15 October 2003 : 04:11, justin sez:

So much shoe scrutiny!

I buy one or two pairs of shoes a year. I don't buy used shoes, generally - feet sweat too much and stink accumulates fast.

Back in June, Jane was shopping for some jeans and t-shirts at Crossroads Trading Company on Shattuck in Berkeley. I saw this pair of "Aldo" brand shoes, just my size! Used, maybe - they looked/smelled new to me. $20! I thought they were a terrific bargain: cool looking, form fitting, and cheaper than two or three pairs of socks.

commentson 16 October 2003 : 12:54, robin sez:

Shucks. Y'all make me blush!

It's true - I should really become more of a professional about my photos...
But as Justin points out, I kinda have a deadline :P

(and generally, I like to share)

I have actually been doing the camera-lust thing ever since we got back from Tokyo.
The convenience of Justin's new (tiny!!) camera and Doug's continual mocking about
my own tractor-sized instrument had quite an impact. I may take some time to look at
cameras while in NYC next week...

If I take any good photos, I'll be sure to post an update!

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