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commentson 4 October 2003 : 12:18, Liz sez:

I sent you an email before I read this post. Funny huh? It's Saturday night here, and I have a casual date myself, with a cute younger guy.

Ah well, all we can do in this life, is hope for minimal aggravation from day to day, I guess.

Have fun on your date.

commentson 4 October 2003 : 13:13, Howard sez:

Yeah! That's more like it! I've been jonesing BAD for the details of your sweaty buttocks, pal!

commentson 4 October 2003 : 16:52, Outlandish Josh sez:

The crisis of meaning strikes deep in everyone's life, and we all founder for lack of purpose sometimes. Low blood sugar doesn't help either -- I try to keep a juicebox on hand for these moments. Simple fructose carbs and the act of sucking liquid through a tiny opening; such a calming effect. It's satisfying nutritional AND freudian levels.

Maybe videogames aren't your beat, man. Maybe the sweaty scrutiny of pixels and the art and science of their pushing leaves swaths of yr soul unsatisfied. Maybe you're having troubles with your girlfriend; I don't know. But is sounds like an existential crisis if I ever heard one. What would Hunter S. Thompson do?

commentson 4 October 2003 : 18:23, Sean sez:

Really well written post. Sorry to see that you're going through a crisis of sorts, but you're a smart guy and I'm sure you'll figure it all out.

Props on using the word clusterfuck.

commentson 4 October 2003 : 22:10, Mark Strecker sez:

Definitely go see Zatoichi. I went and saw the Korean premiere of it last night at PIFF, the largest film festival in Asia. It was a wickedly concocted Samurai story, ala the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - with a healthy dose of unusual humour mixed in as well. Very good, and very refreshing. The Korean audience of over 4000 people apparently liked it too. I've never heard such vocal response from an audience before - the chuckles, gasps, guffaws, and harmonious notes of awe.

Good stuff.

commentson 5 October 2003 : 20:21, Lulu sez:

Pissing, steaming bitter fury!! I love it! Keep it up Justin. I mean, feel better and all.

commentson 6 October 2003 : 01:20, nekkid sez:

Hurray for rage! Your public loves you! ;-P

commentson 6 October 2003 : 13:04, kurt sez:

Japan losing its edge in technoentertainment?

sounds like a story to me. investigate. why is this happening?

it'd be a departure for you. most of your career, you've been a cheerleader for tech, especially japanese tech.

now there's not much to cheer about. that doesn't mean you're in the wrong place. on the contrary, who better to explain the malaise?

commentson 7 October 2003 : 14:52, stuzzy sez:

It seems like the better story would be who is gaining the edge in technoentertainment and why.

Sounds like your going through some kind of mini crisis, I dunno. Keep your head down and keep trying to move forward, whichever direction that may be for you. I'v always found at my low points that a good 8 hours of sleep usually does wonders for me. *shrug*

I think that you can say alot about your life. As a matter of fact you have said a lot about your life right here over the years. When you are wondering what you can say about your life perhaps you should come and check out your site, because it's all here. You've done some really neat things that a lot of people read about and admire.

commentson 7 October 2003 : 15:05, stuzzy sez:

Like that thing you did when you were younger, traveling from city to city, staying with friends, teaching people about the internet. I remember reading about it and thinking "wow, this guys is cool! he has a passion for the internet and he's trying to share it with people" Dude, you inspired me to have my own website so many years ago.
Or even going to Japan. I haven't even gone to Japan yet (on the list).
Maybe you need to take a step back and re focus on what's important to you.
Sorry, I can't help but offer some kind of pitiful advice. I *feel* like you're a friend, and therefore am honor bound to attempt to help. Does that make sense?

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