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commentson 28 May 2003 : 13:16, James sez:

What an ego-trip.

This Mark Meadows fellow is doing the kind of globe-trotting showing off that Americans do so well. His trip to Iraq is the ultimate in American commercialism, an egotistical tourism -- any experience can be purchased, if you're American. The same principle applies to "Taliban Johnny" John Walker. People like Mark Meadows and Taliban Johnny are the ultimate representations of American commercialism, because they believe any experience can be had, they can morph into anything. No ideologies to hold them back from pure experience. "Hey, I'm American, I do what I want, of course I'm welcome here!" That's the American credo in a nutshell.

It wouldn't do to just be a part of one's own culture, you gotta be different, and trumpet it to the world with your webpage. It's like a nightmarish mutation of a Nike ad.

And hey, just like a good American, he made sure to take lots of pictures to show everybody. Cool, dude, I'm sure your friends will really admire you.

commentson 28 May 2003 : 14:59, Erika sez:


commentson 28 May 2003 : 20:20, Liz sez:

Some Americans are in a finanical position to pursue various interests such as travel, but may of us are not. I see what Mark did as something he is able to finance, so he went for it. I cant understand why someone would purposely put themselves in harms way, but maybe it beats sitting at the desk I sit at everyday. Who knows? I'm not convinced its an ego trip as much as an its option he deciding was worth pursuing.

commentson 29 May 2003 : 00:15, chris sez:

Egotistical? Sure, after all he did spend some time in France.

A function of privilege? When it comes down to it, obviously.

But he isn't necessarily locked into the American conquest ideology that you hystericize, James.

That he's American really just means he grew up and centrally experienced America. That's the starting point and the frame for his experiences in Iraq. I don't think he supposes he's looking through the eyes of the "Other" -- and his pictures certainly seem to underscore this -- he's just looking and thinking, and writing about it.

It gets a tad indulgent in a few choice parts, but not bad enough to go Edward Said on it.

commentson 15 January 2004 : 09:37, mugu sez:

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