Comments on Kissing Gonzalo
commentson 16 May 2003 : 21:01, Taylor sez:

But you did give him something Justin, your love.

commentson 18 May 2003 : 09:11, Marie sez:

So Justin A few years ago you were much more personal in your writings than you are now. An example? How did you meet Jane and what is happening with you and her.
Don't mean to be pushy and you don't need ti tell us all about your personal life. I am just wondering WHY you don't tell any longer?

Regards from,
Marie (who feels she practically has known you since, what 1995?)

commentson 21 May 2003 : 11:09, alison sez:

he looks very frightened.

commentson 23 May 2003 : 08:50, Yonathan sez:

I demand a kiss, too. Maybe if I'm good enough to bring you something when I see you next, if I ever see you.

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