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commentson 27 April 2003 : 22:49, Strob sez:

Hi Justin. I'm Jocelyn

I'm still in Tokyo since march 1st and I'll be back to Quebec in 3 days. I visited Hakone with Noriko also and it was so great, the best time of my life.

If you miss Tokyo go on my weblog,, to browse some pix.

When you'll return you could try to apply for a priest job. They pay 13,000 yen for 30 minutes. The job is to act as a priest during a wedding. You only have to speak some words in japanese and to have a western look. (See the weblog of Mike Clark he got the job!

commentson 27 April 2003 : 23:21, Strob sez:

Ahh. And may I suggest you an add-on for your website for the next time you visit here or for all you pictures.

The suggestion is SPGM
I have made an extensive search for a good picture gallery maker. It's the best fully customizable. You just put your pictures in a folder, add some comments and this is it. And we could browse all your picture in one place.

I use it myself here.

commentson 29 April 2003 : 02:04, zack sez:

i bought a copy of justin's book and it was well worth it. i am leaving japan in two days, after having been here for a month, and have really benefited from justin's insight and advice. if you're planning a trip to japan, and especially if you want to support independent publishers, i recommend getting a copy.

commentson 29 April 2003 : 14:02, justin sez:

Thanks for the comments Zack - glad you found the book useful. What was helpful about it?

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