Comments on Nebraska Family Drive
commentson 21 April 2003 : 21:26, Taylor sez:

You seem to have a nice family.
If I ever make it to Nebraska, I will be sure to stop at the Range for breakfast.
They say don't sweat the small stuff, buts its the little things in life that add up.

commentson 21 April 2003 : 22:18, Christine sez:

Very neat to read about your family -- and must be grounding to know your family is rooted somewhere (in this case Nebraska). Plus, the Range sounds supercool.

commentson 23 April 2003 : 08:54, Liz sez:

As always Justin, you take the best pictures!

commentson 23 April 2003 : 16:48, Justin sez:

Thanks Liz - on that trip, I took the only pictures! At least the only pictures you're likely to see online. I'd love to get my Mom to start making digital albums of her trips. But I think she enjoys the craft of layout and handwriting the physical objects.

commentson 23 April 2003 : 16:59, Sooz sez:

Hey Justin. I always enjoy checking out your latest Nebraska photos. I lived there/grew up there until moving to Boston in 1994. I went back last month for my mom's funeral (etc.) and took a few photos, too. It's nice to have that stuff to look back on. I'm from the northeastern part of Nebraska (Scribner, specifically) and have probably only been to the sandhills area once or twice. Your idea to get your mom into making digital albums is a great idea!

commentson 24 April 2003 : 11:14, Maureen sez:

Do you know A girl from California? Her Name is Allison Levitt? I am not sure on the spelling keep me informed please.

commentson 25 April 2003 : 14:01, gnome-girl sez:

still sporting that groovy hair!!! :)

you all are too cute!

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