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commentson 11 February 2003 : 18:19, stuzzy sez:

Hey Justin,

I like the comments addition. I have been checking out your site for quite a while now, 6 years or so. Always good content, now I'm hooked on and gga also.

commentson 12 February 2003 : 18:22, Strob sez:

Justin said "recently I've been watching more TV and video clips over the Internet than I have over regular TV."

Other than Atomfilm and Ifilm, do you know good spots on the net for watching tv and video clips? I'm looking for some places to publish the exportable stuff from the TV show I created with my friends (

commentson 12 February 2003 : 19:14, ryan junell sez:

web video portals have sprung up all over the place, but like everything else on the web they seem to die off in equal numbers. I wrote an article about this subject for webmonkey. it's in their multimedia/video section. the article is called "Web Venues for Filmmakers". hope that helps. I think it's just fine to put up a web video file on your own webpage and have people point to it. be sure to have good descriptive text on the page so google can pick up on it.

commentson 17 February 2003 : 09:14, Joao sez:


Where did you buy the book Kyoichi Tsuzuki's "Satellite of Love"?

I didn't know it had already been published!

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