By Al Giovetti
Genre: Graphic Adventure
Release: 1990
Developer: Westwood Associates
Lead Artist: Aaron Powell, Maurine Starkey
Sound and Music: Pauls S. Mudra
Programmer: Michael Legg, Joe Bostic
Producer: Scott Berfield, Michael E. Moore
Game Design: Michael Legg, Michael Moore
Director: Brett W. Sperry
Publisher: Infocom - Activision
Requirements: MS-DOS, 512 KB active conventional memory, mouse optional, CGA/EGA/MCGA/ VGA, Tandy, Roland, Ad Lib, and Sound Blaster sound boards, 5.25 inch disks only.

Circuit's Edge Walkthrough

Circuit's Edge is based upon characters and situations created by George Alec Effinger in When Gravity Falls published by Bantam Books, and Fire in the Sun published by Doubleday. A third book in the series was published in 1990, The Exile Kiss. George Alec Effenger has lost more science fiction awards than many other people have won with books based upon an ozone-depleted, energy-hungry, post-cataclysmic age.

The graphic adventure story is set in the Islamic world, between romantic Casablanca on the Atlantic coast of Morocco and the ancient capitals of Persia far in the east. The city is one of the unnamed which has a suburb called the Budayeen, the one quarter of the Moslem city where crime is not only tolerated, but where it flourishes.

The year is 1629 A. H. in the Muslim calendar, which is roughly 2202 A. D. in the Christian era. You take the role of Marid Audran, a fun-loving, smart Algerian refugee with your brain wired to accept "moddies," and "daddies." Moddies are modules which let you be someone else, entirely real or fictional. Daddies are add-ons that give you temporary knowledge of any subject under the sun, and which make you proficient with this knowledge.

The game is a real-time graphic animated adventure with the character you are talking to or confronting shown in a small box in the upper left of the interface. Along the top are shown the commands of game, look, talk, inventory, action, map, and exit. Under action you have the options of cancel, chip in or out, sleep, fight, and get item.

To the right of the character bust box is a picture of either the world in first person perspective or of the inside of various buildings in the game, such as Chiriga's. The lower window shows the conversation text or the directions when moving in the map of the city. A small window in the bottom right corner shows a top down map of the area surrounding your character. An additional pop-up map of the entire Buyadeen area is shown when selecting map from the pull down menu at the top, which can be accessed by a single keypress or the optional mouse.

The map can be used to travel and is approximately an area of three blocks by 16 blocks of the city with north at the top of the map. A business directory comes in the game manual which is part of the copy protection. The business directory contains the locations of businesses on the map and their phone numbers. When in the outside areas of the game you can use the arrow keys or the mouse to determine where you want to go.

Your goal is to retrieve a notebook misplaced by Friedlander Bey, called Papa by you, who is one of the reigning crime lords of the city. If you fail Papa or if you are too slow you will die, and you will need to start the game over.

Since the game is in real time there are many instances where actions are time dependent and if you do not complete a series of actions in tha allotted time you loose. Pause the game when you are checking the map or simply planning your next move. Saving the game is only permitted in your apartment, and you will not have time to return there to save at every dangerous turn in the plot.

There are role-playing aspects to the game, including statistics of life, strength, stamina, agility, rest, and food shown in bar graph form in the upper right edge of the game screen. Skills are provided by chipping in the moddie and daddie chips to the sockets attached to your skull. The Kung Fu Master chip makes you almost invulnerable to attacks and the Alpine Jack chip allows you to scale walls easily.

The walkthrough indicates commands that are activated from either the pull down menu or from keystrokes, called hot keys since only one key is needed for each command. TALK activates the talk mode and when you talk you will need to talk ABOUT certain topics such as a person, location, or item. The items talked about will be indicated by quotation marks.

The game is an exceptional one from the wizards at Westwood with graphics and music that compliment and enhance the experience. Budayeen is populated by wicked women in topless bars sleazy drug dealers, criminals, thugs, and other badguys. The atomosphere is dark and smoky with you in the middle.

    General Advice

  1. The Budayeen is a dangerous place where you can be attacked by various thugs and punks on the street. Immediately acquire the Kung Fu Master moddie and the Alpine Jack daddie from Leila's Mod Shop (424 S. 3rd Street). Keep these two chipped in at all times when travelling in the city or when not using other chips and you should be protected against punks, muggers, and suspects. Look around after fights and get the money and weapons, such as a stiletto or switchblade. You need not pick up any thing else.
  2. If you are damaged in a fight, reboot to the last save or heal up at the Medical Clinic (271 Street). TALK to the NURSE to BUY NUCLEAR HEALING. You may need to heal at any time, but remember this is a time dependent walkthrough and you may not have time to heal, so be prepared to reboot by saving at every opportunity. Since muggings are random, you may be able to traverse the same streets without incident by repeated tries.
  3. You can talk to people where and when ever you find them. People are in their shops from dusk until dawn. Most shops are closed during the day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Many non-player characters (NPCs), such as hookers, dancers, and street dealers do not have a regular place of business. These NPCs circulate from one location to another and you may have to look for them in many different places. When you reach a location, keep pressing LOOK and reading the description until the last message is repeated or the computer says there is nothing of interest. You may need to look as many as four times to find what you are looking for.
  4. Do not take drugs or chemically alter yourself or Papa will kill you. Do not kill anyone who does not attack you first or Papa will kill you.
  5. Like any really good adventure game, the plot is non-linear at many points. You can complete these parts of the game in any order you like. Examples of non-linear plot points include the Answering Machine chip and viewing the Holodisk. Some parts of the plot can be postponed to later times, but others, such as the kidnapping, must be performed at the crucial time.

    Inventory Management

  6. You only have space for eleven items and eleven chips. There are three essential items: the kiam or money in the game, your chip rack which holds eleven chips, and the belt phone. Initially take your 628 kiam out of any automated teller and drop your bank card. You can also store eleven items in your apartment, since dropped items will not disappear. NPCs can pick up and move items, but they will stay in the game.
  7. If you do not keep open slots in your character inventory, you will be forced to drop essential items. If you are forced to drop essential items, they should appear near your feet, but there is a possibility they will disappear, so keep a few slots open at all times, since you can never be sure when NPCs will offer you essential game items.
  8. You can sell items to street vendors, but street vendors are difficult to find. Street vendors spend a lot of time between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. in Chiriga's (821 Street), other clubs, like Big Al's Old Chicago (516 Street), Franco's Tattoo Parlor (1286 S. Alley), and Shoukri's Adult Video Holos (334 S. 12th Street). Once sold it is highly unlikely that you will get the item back.
  9. It is recommended that you sell your items to one of the two pawn shops: Friendly's Pawn Shop (1522 Street) or Mustafa's Pawn Shop (258 S. 1st Street). The pawn shops are easier to find and the items have a greater possibility of being retrieved if sold here. Notice also that the pawn shops have convenient locations at the extreme west and east sides of the map.

    Making Money

  10. Money can be made by calling Papa (111BWS64), hunting for muggers and gambling at the Gambling Den (South 3rd and South 4th Street - 426 S. 5th Street). Save the game before gambling. If you play roulette over and over again restoring the game and going to the den you can win 1500 kiam with a bet of 50 kiam. The maximum bet at Baccarat is 125 kiam. You need to accumulate 1500 to 2000 kiam in order to afford to save the kidnap victim. If you do not have the money you will have to start the game over or restore a save game.

    Calling Papa will work only twice to get money. The first time it works is after you get caught by the cops, and the other time is after you rescue the kidnap victim. Papa will give you 500 kiam each time you call.

    Mugger encounters are more frequent in alleys and yield 100 to 250 kiam, Thrasher, Slasher or Outlaw chips, and weapons such as the Steelfist, Stiletto, and Switchblade. You need the Kung Fu Master Chip to go mugger hunting or you may die.

    You start the game in your apartment

  11. Read the description of your apartment for atmosphere Select GAME and TURN BRIEF MODE ON. Brief mode gives you a description of an area when you first enter it saving you the trouble of looking and scrolling. Select ACTION, then CHIP-IN your BIO-SCANNER. Your vital signs will show up in the screen now. If you leave chip in, you can monitor the life signs at all times.
  12. Within two hours of starting the game, Saied will call to give you his phone number and ask you to pick up a package from Fuad at a club (Chiriga's or Cafe De La Fee Blanche). Saied is your best friend, a half-Hajj and a natural born liar. TALK to Saied. EXIT.
  13. You will be outside the Five Pillars Apartments on North 12th street (384 N. 12th Street). You are facing west when you come out of your apartment. If you turn left you will go out to "The Street," which is the main street of Buyadeen that runs east and west through the slum. Go left at The Street and go east four blocks, Chiriga's is on the northside of the road. You may have to go to another club. Cafe De La Fee Blanche is at 277 N. 9th Street.
  14. If you have not done so before, you should try to gamble and build a bankroll now (see above).
  15. If you go to the Cafe De La Fee Blanch first, TALK to Gargotier ABOUT "FUAD." EXIT and go to Chiriga's.
  16. Go to Chiriga's club (821 Street) on the northside of the plaza. TALK to Fuad. Say "package." Fuad will give you the package. Now, type INVENTORY. USE BELT PHONE. Dial Saied's new commcode: 131AEP69. EXIT and go to Frenchy's Nightclub (956 Street) which was immediately to the south west of Chiriga's.
  17. TALK to SAIED. INVENTORY. GIVE Saied the COLOGNE PACKAGE. Note the scent of the Cologne when you give Saied the package, it will be important later in the game. You can only give something to someone when you take an object out of inventory while talking to someone. Saied will give you a Chrono-2000 chip, you will find it in your chip rack. CHIP-IN and select CHRONO-2000. DROP your WRIST WATCH.
  18. Wait and you will get another phone call, this time from Papa. Papa wants you to pick up his notebook from some apartments. EXIT and go to the Bougainvillea Apartments (402 S. 1st Street) in the southwest part of town. LOOK and you will go to Carter's room and get mugged. to pick up a note book.
  19. When you wake up LOOK and you will see the MCDIX note on the wall. Carter has been murdered. ACTION. GET the HOLODISK or the ANSWERING MACHINE. You will be arrested by the police. You are arrested and released. EXIT.
  20. If you have not done this before, go to the east corner of South 1st and The Streets, where you will find a bank machine. INVENTORY. USE your BANK DISK. Type in your new bankcode number (4D424C) and withdraw all 628 Kiams of your money. INVENTORY. DROP your BANK DISK.
  21. If you have not obtained the Kung Fu Master chip, go to Laila's Mod Shop (424 S. 3rd Street). TALK to LAILA. BUY KUNG-FU MASTER chip. ACTION. CHIP-IN KUNG-FU MASTER. EXIT.
  22. Exit Budayeen by the East Gate at the east end of The Street. You will now be in Bill's cab. TALK to BILL, the taxi driver, and say I WANT TO GO TO FRIEDLANDER BEY.
  23. EXIT cab and TALK to PAPA. He tells you he wants you to find the murderer of Kenji Carter and recover the notebook. When Papa is finished talking EXIT.
  24. You will again find yourself in Bill's cab. TALK to BILL to take you to the Police Station. TALK to SGT. HAJJAR ABOUT "KENJI." If he ignores you, keep trying until he responds. He gives you the answering chip from Kenji's answering machine. TALK to him ABOUT "MORGUE." He gives you a morgue pass so you can look at Kenji's effects. ACTION. Notice that there is a new option only available here: "U."
  25. To get to the Morgue, TALK to BILL to take you to BUDAYEEN. When you exit the taxi, you will find yourself just inside East Gate facing west. Go to the morgue and TALK to the ATTENDANT. Select INVENTORY and SHOW him the MORGUE PASS. ACTION. SEE EFFECTS. ACTION. GET ITEMS: HOLODISK and LEATHER WALLET. INVENTORY. LOOK AT WALLET. There is a tag from Mustafa's Pawn Shop. EXIT and go there.
  26. What's going on? The Pawn Shop is out of business. May be you can find out something at The Leather Goddesses. Go there and TALK to MADAME ABOUT "MUSTAFA." So the merchandise has been bought out by another merchant. EXIT and go to Friendly's Pawn Shop.
  27. TALK to FRIENDLY. INVENTORY. SHOW him MUSTAFA'S TAG. INVENTORY. GIVE him 20 kiams. He gives you half a brass ring. INVENTORY. LOOK AT HALF A BRASS RING. Notice the inscription on the ring. While you are here, BUY an ANSWERING MACHINE from him. EXIT. INVENTORY. DROP MUSTAFA'S TAG. USE the ANSWERING MACHINE. To understand the full message, you will need Laila's language chip and more Kiams to buy it. Maybe Papa can help with the Kiams. INVENTORY. USE BELT PHONE. Dial Papa's commcode which is listed in the manual. Well, hope he gets the message. Now, return to Laila's Mod Shop, and TALK to LAILA about "ORIENTAL." Now, TALK to LAILA about "JAPANESE." You learn she sold the language chip to a jewelry dealer. Go to the Jewels of Morocco and TALK to JEWELER about "JAPANESE." It looks like you will need to solve the burglary of the star sapphire to get the language chip. Better go find out something more about the serpent tattoos. EXIT.
  28. Papa got your message! He sent his two body guards to deliver 600 Kiams to you. Go to Franco's Tattoo Parlor and TALK to FRANCO about "SERPENT." You learn there are two suspects: Marco and Manny. Marco works in one of the shops and sold him a holoviewer. (Manny works for sharks?)
  29. It's been a long night. Return to your apartment and SLEEP until around 6:00 p.m. You may save the game here if you like.



  30. It's around 6:00 p.m., and you just woke up. You're feeling a little hungry, too. So EXIT, and go to the Cafe Solace. TALK to OLD IBRAHIM and BUY any meal from him until you are grossly full. Now you are ready to continue tracking down the burglary suspects. EXIT. Let's see, Manny works for sharks...Loan Sharks! Go to AAA Secured Loans and TALK to GUIDO about "MANNY." He gives you a matchbook. INVENTORY. LOOK AT MATCHBOOK. The initials are "S.P." Could it stand for The Silver Palm Nightclub? Yes! INVENTORY. DROP MATCHBOOK. EXIT and go to The Silver Palm.
  31. TALK to HEIDI about "MANNY." Hm, a subtle clue: He has unnaturally blue eyes. EXIT and go to The Eyes Of Texas. TALK to SHOPKEEPER about "MANNY." Manny might have been involved in a card-counting scheme. Oh, I know just the place! EXIT and go to The Gambling Den. (Note: It's on South 4th Street, not 5th.)
  32. TALK to KARIM about "MANNY." He tells you Manny shacks up with some dancer who has red hair and green eyes. Gee, this guy sure gets around. Go to the Red Light Lounge and TALK to FANYA about "MANNY." Finally! This guy lives at the Ad Dur House. (Note: To find Fanya, I traveled to all the different bars and nightclubs, talked to all the dancers, and read all their descriptions, in case you are wondering.) EXIT and go to The Ad Dur House (at the end of South 9th Street).
  33. After reading the lobby's description, LOOK takes you to just outside Manny's room, but it's locked. TALK to LANDLORD. INVENTORY. GIVE him 100 Kiams to get him to open the door. LOOK. ACTION. GET CRUMPLED NOTE. INVENTORY. LOOK AT CRUMPLED NOTE. Manny is supposed to meet someone named Tamara at the warehouse on South 1st Street. INVENTORY. DROP CRUMPLED NOTE. EXIT.
  34. (If you have a stiletto or switchblade from a punk, skip this part and go directly to the warehouse.)


  35. TALK TO ABDUL, BUY a switchblade, EXIT, then go to the Warehouse on South 1st Street. LOOK. INVENTORY. USE STILETTO or SWITCHBLADE to cut the rope that's tied around the crate. So, Manny has been murdered, too. At least you found the second half of the brass ring in his mouth; this wasn't a totally wasted trip. INVENTORY. LOOK AT the second HALF OF BRASS RING. Note the inscription. Putting both inscriptions together, you get: "Shimaal Mosque, 1 AM." Sounds like a rendezvous. INVENTORY. DROP both HALVES OF BRASS RING, EXIT, and go to the Shimaal Mosque. It can only be reached by taxi. To be safe, you should be in Bill's Taxi no later than 12:40 a.m. Follow the sequence below, but keep an eye on the time. Skip over to Shimaal Mosque, if necessary, then resume the sequence afterwards.


  36. Well, Manny is a dead end (pun intended). So, we will try to follow up on Marco, the other suspect. He sold holosystems; therefore, the electronic shop is a logical place to visit. TALK to SAMPSON about "MARCO." All you get is his full name: Marco Herrera. Maybe the police computer can help if you can just get to use it. EXIT and go to Shoukri's Adult Video Holos.
  37. You still have the holodisk to contend with, but you haven't found a machine on which to view it. Answer YES when asked if you want to check out the latest adult holographic film disk. Answer YES again to slide in the holodisk you obtained from the morgue. There's a girl on that holodisk who might just be Kenji's daughter; she hinted that she was going to have cosmetic surgery. EXIT and go to Franco's Tattoo Parlor.
  38. TALK to STREET DEALER. BUY POLICE BADGE. This may just fool those cops into letting you use their computer. (Note: The Street Dealer only appears in Franco's shop after 10:00 p.m.) A hint that he has a badge to sell is mentioned in a conversation you overhear in either Chiriga's or The Silver Palm. Unfortunately, this conversation seems to appear in random clubs. EXIT and return to Laila's Mod Shop.
  39. Now that you are rolling in Kiams, let's stock up in chips. TALK to LAILA and BUY the following chips: RAD HACKER, ALPINE JACK, SUPER SPY, and PHANTOM. EXIT and get back in the taxi.
  40. TALK to BILL to take you to POLICE STATION. EXIT. ACTION. USE COMPUTER. The badge worked! Let's see what it has on "KENJI CARTER." So, he did have a daughter named Tamara. Things are clearer now. Next, look up "TAMARA CARTER" to get an address: The Red Dune Apartment. Okay, now we will try "MARCO HERRERA." Not much luck here, but he does have a brother, Alejandro Herrera: Try that one. Suddenly, a cop notices you're an impostor and kicks you out! But at least you noticed the commcode for remote access to the computer: Maybe a remote link-up is possible. EXIT and go back to the Shimaal Mosque.
  41. All you have to do here is wait till 1:00 a.m. Someone sneaks out from the shadows and gives you the code to the police computer. EXIT, TALK to BILL to take you back to BUDAYEEN, then return to Electroniques. TALK to SAMPSON to BUY DATA LINK TERMINAL. EXIT and go to Friendly's Pawn Shop.
  42. TALK to FRIENDLY to BUY UPLINK CABLES. ACTION. CHIP-OUT KUNG-FU MASTER. CHIP-IN RAD HACKER. INVENTORY. USE DATA LINK TERMINAL. Dial the remote commcode for the police computer: 054AJR86. Enter the logon code: "GRAVITY." Now, let's try "ALEJANDRO HERRERA" again. Bingo! He lives in The Medinah Apartments. Push the RETURN or ENTER key to disconnect from the police computer. ACTION. CHIP-OUT RAD HACKER. CHIP-IN KUNG-FU MASTER. EXIT and go to The Medinah Apartments.
  43. After the description of the lobby, LOOK will take you to just outside the Herreras' room, but it's locked. ACTION. CHIP-OUT KUNG-FU MASTER. CHIP-IN SUPER SPY. INVENTORY. Select CHIP RACK. USE the CHIP SKILL of SUPER SPY. The lock was no match for Super Spy: You are in! Read the description: Marco is dead, too. LOOK again until you find the bullet and the star sapphire. ACTION. GET BULLET. GET STAR SAPPHIRE. CHIP-OUT SUPER SPY. CHIP-IN KUNG-FU MASTER. EXIT and go back to the Jewels of Morocco Jewelry Shop.
  44. TALK to JEWELER. INVENTORY. GIVE him STAR SAPPHIRE. He is grateful and gives you 300 Kiams as well as the Japan-easy chip. ACTION. CHIP-IN JAPAN-EASY. INVENTORY. USE ANSWERING MACHINE. You finally get to understand the whole message. Tamara, Kenji's daughter, has the notebook; unless you are good, she will turn up as another victim. INVENTORY. DROP ANSWERING MACHINE and ANSWERING CHIP. EXIT and go to the Medical Clinic.
  45. You are here to follow up on the lead that Tamara may have had cosmetic surgery. TALK to NURSE about "TAMARA." She needs to see Tamara's picture, but you do not have a portable holoviewer to play your disk for her. EXIT and go home.
  46. You have had another long night. Time to get some rest. Save the game, and SLEEP.

    Next Day

  47. Darn that belt phone: It's ringing again. TALK. Why would Mahmoud call you at 6:00 a.m. and ask you to come to Hassan right away? Get up and go to Hassan's Tourist Paradise.
  48. TALK to Mahmoud about "HASSAN." Hassan has been kidnaped! INVENTORY. LOOK AT RANSOM NOTE. You only have till 12:00 a.m. tomorrow night to find him. Did you notice the floral scent on the note? Let's get cracking. EXIT and go to The Scarlet Orchid.
  49. TALK to SHOPKEEPER. INVENTORY. SHOW RANSOM NOTE. The scent is made from tiger orchid and is probably a woman's perfume made only by Heavenly Fragrances. EXIT and go there. TALK to SHOPKEEPER. INVENTORY. SHOW RANSOM NOTE. A very odd woman orders this perfume from time to time. You are told to get some tiger orchid for the shopkeeper to make a new batch. Well, may be you can buy some from The Scarlet Orchid. Go back there and TALK to SHOPKEEPER about "TIGER." You find out that you may be able to steal some at The Ad Dur Docks. EXIT and go there.
  50. You get here by riding in Bill's taxi. LOOK. You will need help to climb up to that second story window. ACTION. CHIP-OUT JAPAN EASY. CHIP-IN ALPINE JACK. INVENTORY. CHIP-RACK. USE CHIP SKILL of ALPINE JACK. Okay, you are outside the window. You need to bypass the security system to get inside. ACTION. CHIP-OUT KUNG-FU MASTER. CHIP-IN PHANTOM. INVENTORY. CHIP RACK. USE CHIP SKILL of PHANTOM. You get in and pick up two packages: the tiger orchid and a Cuban cigar box. ACTION. CHIP-OUT PHANTOM. CHIP-IN KUNG-FU MASTER. EXIT. TALK to BILL to take you back to BUDAYEEN. EXIT and return to Heavenly Fragrances.
  51. TALK to SHOPKEEPER. INVENTORY. GIVE TIGER ORCHID. It's done. All you can do now is wait for the shopkeeper to call you when the odd woman shows up at the shop. EXIT and go back home. SLEEP. The belt phone interrupts your sleep again. It's a call from Heavenly Fragrances. The odd woman has picked up her cologne and there is a phone number on the bill: 774TFF60. INVENTORY. USE BELT PHONE. Dial the commcode: 774TFF60. That phone belongs to Mohammad's Glass. Well, you better get some rest before you continue your investigation; you need it. SLEEP until 6:00 p.m. Save the game if you want to.



  52. You are awake and feeling hungry, and you have to save Hassan real soon. EXIT and go to Cafe Solace. TALK to OLD IBRAHIM. BUY a meal from him until you are grossly full. EXIT and go to Mohammad's Glass.
  53. TALK to MOHAMMAD about "ODD WOMAN." She ordered a crystal ball and it's ready to be delivered to her. TALK. INVENTORY. GIVE Mohammad 150 KIAMS to get the crystal ball. He tells you the odd woman is Madame Mimi in the Tarot Den. EXIT and go there. TALK to MADAME MIMI. INVENTORY. GIVE her the CRYSTAL BALL. She pays you back the kiams you spent for it. TALK about "COLOGNE." The nervous Madame tells you that you have to come very close to death to find what you are looking for. I know just the place. EXIT and go to the Cemetery.
  54. You get here by exiting the West Gate at the west end of The Street. It is mentioned only once at the very bottom of page 10 in your manual. LOOK. You see the man who jumped you in Kenji's apartment! You have to fight him here. Hit him three times, and he runs away, but he drops his radio direction finder. It is broken but it is set for frequency 6229. EXIT and go back to Electroniques.
  55. TALK to SAMPSON. BUY RADIO DIRECTION FINDER. BUY WIRES, too; they will come in handy later. EXIT, INVENTORY, and USE RADIO DIRECTION FINDER. You see a red arrow at the top of the screen. The red arrow points at compass directions (north is at the top). Use the arrow to home in on the warehouse between North 14th and North 15th Streets; then go there. You can't get in; set off a small explosion to blow the door. Now what? Well, there's still that Cuban cigar box that we have not dealt with. INVENTORY. DROP. RADIO DIRECTION FINDER, and go to the Smoke Shop.
  56. TALK to SHOPKEEPER. INVENTORY. SHOW CIGAR PACKAGE. Whoa! The box really contains explosives. He also tells you about a terrorist who has been in the news lately. EXIT and go to Maq'-allah's News. TALK to MAQ'-ALLAH about "TERRORIST." LOOK. The newspaper says this terrorist, Luigi, was recently gunned down and killed by police. I wonder if his body is still in the morgue? EXIT and go there.
  57. ACTION. GET MORGUE PASS that you dropped the first time you were here. TALK to ATTENDANT about "TERRORIST." ACTION. GET DEMOLITIONIST chip. INVENTORY. DROP MORGUE PASS. ACTION. CHIP-OUT KUNG-FU MASTER. CHIP-IN DEMOLITIONIST. INVENTORY. CHIP RACK. USE CHIP SKILL of DEMOLITIONIST. You realize you need to buy a detonator; Crazy Abdul must have one to sell. ACTION. CHIP-OUT DEMOLITIONIST. CHIP-IN KUNG-FU MASTER. EXIT and go to Crazy Abdul's. (Note: If necessary, stop by the Medical Clinic now to buy Nuclear Healing.)
  59. You have to fight Alejandro Herrera to the death, but with the Kung-fu Master chip, this should be easy. His last confession tells you that he did kidnap Hassan and that he has a big boss behind him. LOOK. Hassan is freed by you. EXIT and go to Hassan's Tourist Paradise.
  60. TALK to MAHMOUD. He is very grateful to you and gives you a static pistol and a holodisk viewer! EXIT and go to the Medical Clinic. TALK to NURSE. INVENTORY. USE HOLOVIEWER. The nurse sees the picture of Tamara and recognizes her, but she will not give you any more clues unless you give her a pair of emerald earrings. (Does this game ever end?) EXIT, return to Jewels of Morocco, and TALK to JEWELER about "EMERALD." He sold the last pair to a street dealer in one of the clubs. It figures. Go back to Chiriga's and TALK to STREET DEALER about "EMERALD." This is the guy that bought the earrings from the jeweler, but he will not cooperate. TALK to him again. INVENTORY. GIVE him 50 KIAMS to learn he sold it to some blond dancer.
  61. Well, by sheer trial and error, the blond dancer is Kandy. When you TALK to KANDY about "EMERALD," she will tell you that Lily has it. When you TALK to LILY about "EMERALD," she will tell you to get her something green with which to replace it, and call you a "pet." Unfortunately, these dancers move from place to place and often disappear altogether only to return the following night. I suggest you try Chiriga's, The Red Light Lounge, Frenchy's Nightclub, and Big Al's Old Chicago. If you can't find her/them, try again the following night starting at 7:00 p.m. Meanwhile, back at Chiriga's....
  62. After talking to the Street Dealer and/or Kandy/Lily, EXIT. As you exit, a hooker will come up to you and ask for your commcode. She says she has something special for you. Say YES to give her your commcode. The hooker will call shortly afterwards, probably while you are still searching for Kandy/Lily. You deduce that she lives in 247 Salah Ad-Din Apartments. I said "deduce" because the call was cut short very abruptly.
  63. Go to the Salah Ad-Din Apartments, and after the description of the lobby, LOOK will take you to the hooker's room. You are not surprised to see another murder, are you? LOOK again to discover the Samurai tattoo on her body. EXIT and go to Franco's Tattoo Parlor. TALK to FRANCO about "SAMURAI." He gives you some information obviously linking Kenji to the hooker, but it serves no other purpose in the game. EXIT.
  64. We now pick up the story after you have talked to Lily. She wants something green in exchange for the emerald earrings and she calls you a pet. Now what can that be?


  65. TALK to SHOPKEEPER. BUY GREEN SNAKE. EXIT and get back to Lily, wherever you last found her. TALK to LILY. INVENTORY. GIVE her GREEN SNAKE. She faints at the sight of the snake and that makes it easy for you to grab the earrings and run! EXIT and go back to the Medical Clinic. TALK to NURSE. INVENTORY. GIVE her EMERALD EARRINGS. Finally, the nurse tells you that Tamara has changed completely, and is now Arissa. You have probably run into her a few times in the clubs.
  66. Arissa is frequently in Chiriga's, but you may have to search in the other clubs too. When you find her, TALK to ARISSA, and you learn a lot about the murder cases. Arissa promises to call you after she retrieves the notebook from her apartment. Shortly afterward, Arissa calls and tells you to go to 1744, the Gray House.
  67. After the description of the lobby, LOOK will take you to Tamara/Arissa's room. Well, at least she has not been murdered like the others...yet. You learn she has been taken to the warehouse on South 1st Street by Abu Salah. Wait a minute: You've seen his name. He is the owner of Abu Salah's Rug Shop. Better get over to the warehouse fast!


  68. LOOK. Here it is at last: the final confrontation. You have to fight Abu Salah to the death. Again, with Kung-fu Master chipped in, that's not much of a challenge. ACTION. GET NOTEBOOK. Wait, Abu is not quite dead yet. He starts the torturing machine. Tamara will die soon if you cannot stop it. What and where is this black key that Tamara is talking about?
  69. From now on, you have 60 minutes of game time to get the black key and bring it back to save Tamara. The black key is in Abu Salah's Rug shop. Enter the shop, and LOOK will get you the key. Bring it back to the warehouse. INVENTORY. USE BLACK KEY. Tamara is saved. EXIT.
  70. Just one last thing to do now. Have Bill take you to Friedlander Bey. TALK to PAPA. That's it; another long drawn-out murder case solved. Just sit back and watch the ending.

    Some additional info not included in the walkthru:

    1. You can also SHOW the RANSOM NOTE to Saied to elicit some interesting responses. Use the belt phone to call him to find out where he is. You can only reach him after 6 or 7 in the evening.

    2. The clue you get by typing "Tamara Carter" into the police computer -- that she lives in the Red Dunes Apartments -- leads to nowhere. By talking to other landlords, you will find that the Red Dunes Apartments has been renamed The Saharah's Apartments. Going there does not lead you to Tamara. Talking to the landlord there yields no further clues either.

    3. Try typing in Friedlander Bey and your own name (Marid Audran) into the police computer for some interesting reading. Typing in the terrorist's name does not accomplish anything, which is odd, since he was killed by the police during a shootout.

    4. You can play blackjack or baccarat in The Gambling Den. It is very hard to win and gambling has no bearing on the outcome of the game.

    5. The writing on the wall "MCDIX" turns out to be a number in Roman numerals. That seems to be such a tantalizing clue all throughout the game, but you don't even need to guess it. Buying and chipping-in the Julius Caesar chip tells you the true nature of "MCDIX." It serves no purpose in finishing the game.

    6. To successfully set off the explosion, you need the explosives (naturally!), wires, countdown timer, and detonator. You must also chip-in the demolitionist chip.

    Another awesome walk-thru brought to you by THE AWESOME DUDE!


Al Giovetti, Circuit's Edge, Quest for Clues III, Edited by Shay Addams, 1990, QuestBusters, pg. 10 - 14.

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