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Battletech I: Crescent Hawk's Inception
BattleTech I: Crescent Hawk's Inception
In this first graphical game based in FASA's tantalizing Battletech future robot-combat universe, you play Jason Youngblood, cast adrift in a cruel world trying to find out what happened to your father. Along the way, you build a team, wander a map, assemble a team of robots, and kick some butt exploring this planet.

Sumptuous 256 colour vga graphics, bright colours, simple gameplay.

Combat is a series of menus, with occasional combat animations - anime-type robots slug each other and fall apart in about 10 frames.

Mechwarrior was a more immmersive combat simulator, but even after it came out I found myself playing through this game because it was fun to wander through the little world.

I found a trick to make a ton of money - once you have left the first city, wher you train initially, go to the second city and invest some money in each of the stocks. Now stick Jason in a far flung, unvisited corner of the city, and go out to lunch, or dinner. Come back in three hours and inevitably your investments will have soared into the trillions - you'll have enough money to train and repair and purchase anything you want.

Matt McLaine's Wars in the Innder Sphere sourced a few of these graphics and text files, and will provide the intrepid searcher with information on finding the games for themselves.

Matt Murray's Brief Review

The FASA/MechWorld has yet to make a good integrated combat/role playing game.

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