Perry Farrell - Cyber-Talk(tm), July 25, 1994

Online Host: Warner/Reprise Online presents Cyber-Talk(tm), a weekly online talk show featuring Warner Bros. Record's (and affiliated label's) artists. To kick off Cyber-Talk(tm) (this is the first, you know) please welcome creative genius, circus ringmaster and visionary, Perry Farrell (PFP Perry).

Melanie14: I've never seen you live, which I regret not having the chance, but your music means a lot to me. Summertime Rolls is my fav. A beautiful song. (that's all... nothing special )

Mrs bungl : Perry... First of all, are you here?????? Secondly, you rock. And I want to know how you're doing.

JustinHal : what is your birthday and birthtime? (for an astrology chart)

PFP Perry : I don't think so.

Psi Comm : Perry where are you doing this from?

PFP Perry : I am in Burbank at W.B

JulesX : Just curious...have you ever thought of starting your own record label, in the spirit of D.I.Y.? You seem to know all the ins and out of the biz as well as the artisistry

PFP Perry : No , I never thought of starting my own label because I always got claustrofobic thinking of how many labels there were verses how many great bands

Kare Kare : Are you happy with Lolla this year?

PFP Perry : Yeah , have you been there ?

TeeterT : when is the new porno album going to be out

PFP Perry : How do you know there will be ? There will... Back to school starts in september you know that

PERRY FAR : What do you think about a PFP fan club? It woul help fans communicate with you and have better access to info?

PFP Perry : I don't want you to know that much about me

PERRY FAR : Your wardrobe is so eclectic, Where do oyu get your clothes? What do you do for fun?

PFP Perry : I usually start at places like the Pleasure Chest and then I go thrift shopping

PERRY FAR : Now that your life is better, where do you draw the inspiration for your lyrics from?

PFP Perry : I know it's tuff in paradice to get inspired but I go to places like fiji and let nature punish me

Johnny Ro : perry, where can i get a green tea malt?

PFP Perry : Vermont and Santa Monica

PERRY FAR : What do you think about the legalization of drugs?

PFP Perry : Well my prediction is marijuana will be legal within 5 years due to the textile industry in China using hemp to manufacture it's clothing causing American industry to fall in line

Padraic31 : Hey perry...I just bought GIFT yesterday. It's great, man!

PFP Perry : Two thumbs up

CRAZYENUF: Ask Perry when Porno for Pyros is touring

PFP Perry : I think you are asking me ,anyway we are playing Hawaii in two weeks and Woodstock after that

Melanie14 : Um, this is an odd question of sorts, in the Nothing Shocking "cover", the picture of you in your shades, well, did I see what I thought I saw? (I'm sure this wont' get answered on screen, but I had to ask!! :>)

PFP Perry : Yes my dear in all it's glory and still waving I might add..

Max Warner : from ojlooza


Max Warner : he's coming with an answer....

PFP Perry : It was 4 to six and no end in sight. Not only that but I'm Hawaii bound in two weeks and a hurricane is pushing 15 foot surf on the coast

PERRY FAR : How do you feel knowing so many people worship And adore you? What do you thinkwhen people call you a god or a genius?

PFP Perry : Hi Steph! It's kinda nice because when you wake up in the morning by the afternoon you kinda believe in yourself

PERRY FAR : What are your favorite filma and music groups?

PFP Perry : Mondo Cane, The Last Waltz, Short Cuts by Robert Altman

*PERRY FAR : How do you feel being a father? Do you want more kids?

PFP Perry : Yes, but schools still out. Just around when you start to get bored in life, all of a sudden, it becomes a great idea. And you get to live life twice.

*PERRY FAR : Will you continue to go online?

PFP Perry : As long as you'll flatter me.

Johnny Ro : perry! my head is stuck in my vacuum cleaner! help!!!!!

PFP Perry : Maybe it will help your singing.

Pbully :Perry, just like to let you know that Nothing's Shocking is one of my all time favorite albums, when can I look forward to the next Porno For Pyros record?

obyBirne : Perry .. Is music your only creative outlet right now? Are you writing poetry? Sculpting or Painting?

PFP Perry : I'm making wine with my feet, and I dabble in acetyline.

S TTAM666 : perry, you are my godlike creature in my world

PFP Perry : Have you heard of proust?

GROSSMAN : Do you plan to do a PFP CD-Rom?

PFP Perry : Yes, the word is out to all new and future geniuses, come be a part of my life.

AtEase : perry, you are the man!

Psi Comm : Perry, what tapes do you have in your car right now?

PFP Perry : African Head Charge. My kid loves the new Beasties. Until the End Of The World Soundtrack.

JustinHal : What's your stance on this whole digital revolution thing? Do you get along with computers?

PFP Perry : Wasn't your day made a little bit brighter by it today?

TobyBirne : Perry: Do you have any desire to make another film? And, how was your experience with the making of "Gift"...

PFP Perry : To make a film from scratch was painstaking, but I want to be punished again.

PFP Perry : Ojlooza, get a new board and get on the bus.

AltPress : In regards to Lollapalooza, do you ever feel like you're Ariel in Shakepeare's Tempest?

PFP Perry : Daily.

Maynard66 : How do we know it's really Perry?

PFP Perry : How do I know you're really in Tool?

SLEEPYDOG : Hey Perry, What did you eat today?

PFP Perry : I shared some captain cruch with my child, and had some organic plums.

BeepGirl : why did you agree to play woodstock?

PFP Perry : Because Bill Graham was gone and I didn't know Pepsi was so big. Truthfully, I didn't know Pepsi was involved, and my brother was at the first one and I wanted to get him back stage.

DaveDupre : Perry, Greetings from a KROQ listener. Any chance Lallapalooza will come to the San Bernardino/Riverside area in the next tour?????

PFP Perry : I'm doing you a favor by making you leave.

SLEEPYDOG : Do you believe in aliens, have you ever seen any?

PFP Perry : I haven't personally seen any, but I highly believe in them. Do you know about crop circles?

OutShine : I was just wondering what the inspiration behinf the song "cursed male" was?

PFP Perry : I keep noticing old friends necks keep getting thicker.

OutShine : I wouldn't want to think it ever will stop, but how long do you think the lollapalooza festival will continue?

PFP Perry : I figure it will be around quite some time.

Max Warner : We will do two more questions and then Perry will be off...

SLEEPYDOG : What is your Favorite book, what is the last book you read?

PFP Perry : Ask The Dust, Macs for Dummies

I R SUZ : 21:47 where is the pleasure chest

PFP Perry : Boy's town. Can you handle it?

Max Warner : Thanks perry and everyone who attended....Any final thoughts

PFP Perry : Wait till you inherit the earth. It's your's soon. Bye now.

Max Warner : Catch CNN for the news story about this online show with Perry. I had a blast!!

Max Warner : Next Monday, SIR MIX-A-LOT. Same bat time, same bat channel

Max Warner : Bye everybody....

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