Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996 22:21:48 -0500
From: (Ms. Moksha)
Subject: patriarchy perpetuated putatively pervades presence
yo justin, thought you might dig this poem i wrote today . have great story to tell you about rya. synchroniciteeeeeee im angry, joyous, laughing crying weeping wonderful wide thighed woman today, made a garland of crocuses, squeezed oranges, smoked, did cartwheels in the sunshine, agonized over Palestine, wrote a paper, listened to my higher musical self and railed the slime of septic oozing entrail dumpster caked leaf sweaty pants into the immortal endorphin pink fleshy ecstasy, people are dying, i will join them, not until I succumb to the laudable and worthy in me and fist the root and caulked stake of flint into the hard somatic presence of a whirling dervish earth, 93 million miles from the sun and rising, radio my pulse to Cassiopeia and her seven sisters, listen to the swans flying over the sphinx, they will tell you where the path to dharma fades into the long grey skies and sleeps soundly. where the vivifying elixir of space molts into acid, cartilage sagging with the concrete to winter. they will not tell you which way to go. they will only honk at the passing sun and shit on you. ha! see you late.