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commentson 2 January 2005 : 20:08, James sez:

Sometimes, I've found, when you really need to go, a good pee can be better than sex ... that's why I can be heard moaning in my bathroom while I am evacuating the urine I have been holding too long.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 07:56, d. lowne sez:

Ah, a freshly emptied bladder. One of life's pure and simple pleasures, accessible to and understandable by people all over the world.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 16:45, Gina sez:

Geez, it's now been two days since I discovered this website, and I CAN'T stop, it's addictive! I can fore see myself continuing to "eat more than just one chip" for quite some time in the future.....

commentson 3 January 2005 : 18:14, C(h)ristine sez:

A good pee makes you moan -- best pee I had was in a public restroom (roadside urgency) in a bowling alley in the Presidio...trouble was, it took all I had to stifled a loud and elongated moan. did you moan? It ain't good unless it makes you moan!

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