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commentson 11 August 2003 : 17:33, justin sez:

Hah! That's great! Thank you - there's a number of game geeks listed on there (Butt Ugly Weblog and Mikko Saari). It's like reading weblogs of neighbors!

Can I generalize and say these weblogs, as a random sampling of Finnish weblogs, have better design than a random sampling of US weblogs? Maybe this list of Finnish weblogs is self-selecting; web UI mavens who posted themselves there. Anyhow, I hope there's some kind of a gamer/weblogger meeting in Helsinki I might attend!

commentson 12 August 2003 : 04:35, justin sez:

Fantastic idea! How about a meeting at about seven PM this Friday, August 15? Someone suggested the Sauna Bar is a cool place to visit (warm actually).

commentson 13 August 2003 : 00:20, justin sez:

Well, let's meet on Friday evening for starters. I'll be around for a week after that, so we can have some breakfast or drinks another day or night. I have some appointments, and I have some open time and it would be fun to see different sides of Finland through different eyes! Or just sit around somewhere and talk.

Merten - a Wiki is a great idea! I'll have to figure out what Muokkaa and Etsi mean so I can add my two cents!

commentson 15 August 2003 : 23:51, justin sez:

Thank you Merten! Thank you Colin. It was an entertaining if draining adventure. And I'm sad to miss the chance to start off a week in Finland in the company of knowing geek-kin. But Wednesday we shall convene!

commentson 19 August 2003 : 01:52, justin sez:

Helsinki has been very nice so far - I'm looking forward to meeting you folks! The Wiki has the final word - so far it looks like we're scheduled for 8.30pm Wednesday at the Sauna Bar.

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