Comments on Early Election Size-Up: Howard Dean
commentson 25 May 2003 : 16:30, lulu sez:

Dean's taking a tip from VT US senator Patrick Leahy in getting connected to people via the internet. Leahy has been called the "cyber senator" for years by his clueless peers in DC - he does web chats with elementary schools in Vermont & stuff. Dean really needs to be grassroots connected, precisely because he's not in bed with corporations. Let's hope this campaign goes somewhere, he's like our only hope for some balance in the US political spectrum.

commentson 25 May 2003 : 19:07, Fleischman sez:

Do you really think your vote counts? I hate to break it to ya, but the big decision is decided elsewhere...

commentson 25 May 2003 : 19:12, Fleischman sez:

and yes, I have lost faith in our system of democracy.

commentson 26 May 2003 : 15:47, misuba sez:

Sadly, any Demo who doesn't support the war is unelectable. I don't like that anymore than y'all do, but remember that politics is the art of compromise; if you insist on getting everything that you want immediately, you'll probably get none of it. (Case in point: American progressives over the last twenty years.)

Us progressives really need to get our act together, tactically speaking. We've got better strategies than the right a lot of the time, but their tactics are kicking our collective ass.

Yeah, it's neat that Dean has a weblog, sorta, not really. But the guy's gonna go down hard when the heat gets turned up, unless he can tap the mainstream some more, and/or stop looking funny.

commentson 27 May 2003 : 09:37, Outlandish Josh sez:

Cheers to you for sizing up the good Doctor, Justin. If you're interested, here's my endorsement page which I've been sending to friends and family.

I'm also excited about Dean being "the internet candidate." Not as in, "I invented it," but as in "I get it, and I make use of it." The blogs are good, but far more interesting is the meetup deal. I also like that he's running a fairly transparent campaign. That's very net-like to me.

I think Dean's the most electable Democrat vs. Bush, precisely because of his principled stands on the war and other issues. The current obsession within the Democratic party over national security belies the evidence: people still prefer the economy as an issue 5 to 1! On top of that, given the way things are going in Iraq -- average one dead GI a day and zero WMD found -- calling for a more international role and questioning the logic of the invasion might be a strong position to be in next November.

commentson 27 May 2003 : 09:42, n sez:

guess the only thing there is to it is to awoke them non woting people who've lost faith in politics.

fleischman: every vote makes a difference.

commentson 27 May 2003 : 16:25, misuba sez:

Maybe you're right, Josh, and maybe I'm just cynical. But the lock that the hawks have on media discourse right now does not give me hope. A candidate that can back the war and hammer Bush on the economy still has a better shot IMO.

commentson 27 May 2003 : 17:16, kurt sez:

fleischmann: well, if you're committed to democracy *in principle,* then you'll vote even if your vote doesn't mean much in America right now.

think of it as voting for voting -- not for the clown whose name is on the ballot.

commentson 28 May 2003 : 14:18, mk20 sez:

If you don't think your vote counts just remember...because of a small margin in one state we now have a president sitting in the white house now which is bought and sold by corporate America and who started a war to further his own political career not to mention an administration that stinks of Nixon and McCarthy

commentson 28 May 2003 : 17:58, Fleischman sez:

From what I was told (from the general media) Bush won due to the Electoral College, not the general vote. So I thinks it is the system that stinkith.

commentson 17 September 2003 : 11:29, Misha Siegfried sez:

Well, I for one happen to be a Dean fan, thus far. The only thing that worries me is that he might end up getting the shit kicked out of him a la George McGovern if he makes it to the big race itself. Think about it, the ultra-liberal Demo has never really faired well in these kinds of settings. But not to get down on the man, I think he's one of the few Demos who can't be thrown into the "Bush Lite" catagory. All the same, more power to him!

commentson 20 September 2003 : 01:41, stuzzy sez:

Dean was catching my eye for a while, but I have to admit Clark is eye catching now that he has decided to run. In today's current climate(sloppy mess) a military man somehow seems appropriate. Maybe some order can be brought forth from this chaos.

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