TheFeature: Welcome I-Home
Turns out that personal home pages are very popular on mobile phones in Japan. Jane and I worked on this piece together; she did most of the work (i.e., discovery and translation).
5 May 2003

Online Journalism Review: Ethics in Video Game Journalism
Examining the development of journalist ethics by the (mostly) fans who write about games online. Includes an accompanying sidebar survey of online game journalism.
10 April 2003

Wired: Fantasy Life of Coder Boys
Brief coverage of the Indie Game Jam with profiles of three participating game developers, Thatcher Ulrich, Brian Sharp and Chris Hecker, talking about games they would make if they had their druthers.
31 March 2003

MindJack: Pleasurable but not Provocative
A joint review of Tom Clancy spy thriller video game Splinter Cell for the Xbox composed with Jane.
12 March 2003

Mindjack: Simian Simplicity and Painful Puzzles
A somewhat embittered review of Super Monkey Ball 2 for Nintendo's Game Cube.
24 February 2003

TheFeature: Mo' Smut in Japan
Jane and I worked on this article exploring the sexual uses of mobile phones in Japan.
14 February 2003

GGA: Xbox Game Recalled
An Xbox game is recalled "for religious reasons" and no game-industry journalist seems to have made a follow-up call to Redmond.
8 February 2003

Trip: Switzerland
Travel photos, cherished cheese chantings and fondue fables.


31 January 2003

Chanpon: Electronic Emotions In Japanese
A web study of Japanese emoticons - remarkably different from American uses of punctuation as emotional expression!
21 January 2003

BlueDawn: Bollywood Birthday Bash
Lisa and Adam posted photos from Jane's recent Indian-movie themed birthday party - DDR, cats, pregnancy, rose-water cakes!


20 January 2003