Endless Wanderings In a Faraway Land
by justin on November 15, 2000
* * * * * * * * 8/10

Pros: Detailed D&D landscape with loads of stuff to do.
Cons: So much stuff to do - I'm growing old.

Stop The Press! justin's Review:
Baldur's Gate is a serious American RPG. Assemble a party of adventurers, and try to save the world. In fact, you've been branded the Son/Daughter of Baal, which makes you like the Christ/AntiChrist rolled up into one. So it's lively to be the Christ/AntiChrist wandering the land with a bunch of brain-damaged (minsc) or otherwise difficult adventurers. I appreciate their personalities, and their disagreements. I'm impressed with the interface (although the journal gets a little messy without separating quests). The spell effects are fun, and the combat is engaging.

I hate going into dungeons, clearing them out, and dealing with massively respawning monsters. That's just no fun. I mean gowrsh - it just defies the laws of physics! Monsters shouldn't come back that quick if they're dead!

While the plot of the game is linear, they've really seeded the surrounding countryside with many insane subplots and sidequests. Insane because there are so many. I admire their thoroughness in this regard, although my perfectionist nature combined with all these quests makes my hands tired. I don't expect to be powerful enough to take on the head ugly dude until I've completed all or most of the side quests, but by the time I will have done that Baldur's Gate 4 will be out.

Still I keep returning - I make an effort to put in at least a few hours a week. A lot of saving and reloading before combat. Is that cheap?

Greatest Gaming Moment:
Figuring out how to kill four badass dudes with a cheap save and reload one-at-a-time technique outside of the mines in Cloakwood.

Time Played: 20-100 hours

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