The dl and dt and dd functions in HTML are real nice for creating definitions, so I thought I'd create my own page of 'em.
404, man, URL not found
- a term some people at HotWired and I came up with to mean clueless, missing something; i.e. he's 404, man, URL not found
- A compound word made up of electronic and magazine. The 'zine derivative of magazine is used to describe alternative, or limited press magazines. So an ezine is an electronic alternative magazine.
Information Tollroad
- What the Internet will become if people like CIX are able to eliminate small access providers. For information about the CIX situation, check out HotWired Newsletter 1.13.
The Information Tollroad may be inevitable with the arrival of a solid digital cash standard. People who have set up the roads are not going to bear the heavy traffic without collecting some tolls along the way. Once it is easy for them to do so, surfing will become a financial luxury. Enjoy the Internet free while you've got it!
- I have noticed a tendency in Internet related writings, in particular at Wired Magazine to use net.anything (pronounced net-dot-anything) for any net related noun. So, for example, that Unix geek gal or guy you know would be a net.god. Discussing stastics about users of the net would involve net.demographics. Two sources I attribute this to: the first is Unix, where dot's are used to sparate parts of descriptive files name, and the second is Usenet news, where news of the world is to be found at alt.news.world.now
- Perry Metzger, a self-titled "Old Network Fogie," wrote me and explained the hostorical origin of this naming scheme
New Medium
- The World Wide Web. What's exciting about this as a medium is that there are virtually no start up costs (computer and connection aside), unlimited channels of distribution, and virtually unlimited opportunity for small content providers to put their stuff online, and not have to spend any money to make it look as good as the big boys! My vision is that with this new media that doesn't rely upon the traditional channels of attention-getting sales-oriented media distribution, content will become the focus, not presentation.
While the web is a fascinating, flashy, fantastic new medium, what endures is the art of telling a compelling human story.
- A Link that appears all over the WWW; somewhere that everyone is trying to recommend that you visit.
Waste Vastland
- What the Internet/WWW will be if the majority of the online publishing is done by corporations and businesses and not by individual users and non-commercial interests. Check why the web for your role in the remedy.
- adj wry-er; wry-est 1: having a bent or twisted shape or condition <a ~ smile>; esp: turned abnormally to one side <a ~ neck> 2: marked by perversity: wrongheaded 3: cleverly and often ironically or grimly humorous - wry-ly adv - wry-ness n - (from Websters' Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

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