woke up after fitful sleep and dreams of a bad visit to hugh hefner's mansion (anorexic girls and guys with genital warts on their asses). tried to postpone my alarm and tell amy i wanted to sleep in to avoid getting sick. but she had one HTML question about rheingold & associates. I laid in bed for a while, realizing i was now fully awake and finally went downstairs because i had to see the HTML in question. It was a problem with hspace-ing her rounded corners. that was nice to know what she needed

I showered for a long time in the heat. i used fresh Dr. Bronner's liquid mint soap. when i got out my arm pits were very tingling. i used Tom's of Maine toothpaste and pit-wipe. I got my banana republic ladybug boxers out of the dryer and put on my used structure pea green jeans with my dyed-pink/purple Thrasher ("Oh God! Why can't my boyfriend skate?!") and back to the dryer for some purple wigwam socks and then my brown boring clark's air ???? shoes.

the cat was whining but he had lots of food. did i let him outside? i think so. did i close the back door? i can't remember.

i checked amy's html from my PC and put on MP3s: Tai Mai Shu, Brave Sir Robin, I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper, Homer's Beer Song, Busta Rhymes, Aaliyah

i did drink the rest of the tropicana homestyle (some pulp) orange juice (just a very little) out of the container. i realized nat from work had wanted me to bring him something, and he'd wanted me to wake him up again, for the second day in a row, with an early morning phone call. so 6.35 i called him - something about it makes me happy. he sounded startled and couldn't remember what he'd wanted. but then we remembered it was partition magic. he'd found a copy.

we got in our 1988 blue Honda Civic, as we always do, at 6.56am. We talked about our day, was amy going to skip her lecture at mills? yeah, because my mom's coming and the house is a wreck. we hit traffic on 580 pretty quick and i turned on the radio. while switching into the left lane, looking back over my shoulder to see if anyone was coming, i nearly collided with the Saab in front of me. Amy screamed and I looked and swerved into the left lane in time. I remarked that I have a fair amount of luck, and that I get myself into these situations of near traffic disaster but I usually don't panic and manage to steer out of the way in good time. Amy says I will have an accident.

More talk of our jobs. i dropped off amy, full of love, and drove myself to work in a very amply heated car, listening to reports of Elizabeth Dole retiring from the race for the Republican nomination for the President of the US. She didn't have too many great stands to make it seems, but she did draw a number of young women into politics, rare for republicans. During a recent fundraising drive period, she raised 1 million dollars, while bush raised 20 millions. He is a juggernaut, mammon boheamoth.

i parked, turned off the radio, and saw the berkeley daily planet newspaper man with his globe cart across the street from the kittredge lot, like i do every day. walking to work reading my New York Times, getting pissed off at Senate Republicans for blocking Campaign Finance Reform again, I nearly walked into traffic and then Gilbert was outside GX at 7.15 and he said hi, he was going home. I shook his hand and told him I'd take over (certainly not his duties, but the office) and upstairs I found Matt and Kirk still at work in their darkened devcave. They didn't have anything to say to me. I waited in the doorway until one of them glanced at me and then I came to my computer. I noticed Matt had logged into my station last night - his name was in the windows login box. I have a nice setup for him I guess - modded playstation with TV, stereo, fast PC that he can log into his workstation from. But he left my Nintendo brand (ebay purchased) chordless headphones on!

I think about working on my Apple ][ stuff for Van a little, typing up the notes I made last night on some Apple articles from Hypermall, but I'm eager to play some more Jagged Alliance 2 while I still have the chance.

two hours of jagged alliance, trying to conquer the bugs quest. nat joined me at around 8am. i played Xena, warrior princess, on Playstation while I was waiting for PC stuff to load.

hank arrives at 10 until 9 - unusual for him. he's got a very large smoothie beverage.

amy calls my cellphone at 5 after 9 to ask me where i was, because i wasn't logged in. I wasn't logged in because I've realized it interrupts my gaming - pft. She had some Rheingold & Associates stuff ready to upload.

Joel arrives at 10 after nine. talks with nat. walks to his desk.

i get off the phone and get off my game, upload the stuff for egg and log into AIM to error check it with her. we're doing web design makeover quickly and back and forth quite rapidly. I remember I have to upload stuff for shortfest too.

talk of development tools for gamers.com - we can't input templates any more, but we can't use the online/web editorial interface either, because the tool is pointed at the wrong database. we have to wait until after newsweek gets a tour near lunchtime to start working on the right database.

icqing with marianne from swat, little poem pieces back and forth

my package of three from modchip dot com arrives, pretty exciting.

i email ronL colin's old buddy, works at fast company, maybe he thinks we'd be a good story

allan brings his playstation in too - it's going to be a mod chip soldering party. boss Joel is a mechanical engineer and RC car enthusiast, so I'm glad someone who knows what they're doing it going to be soldering this stuff for us. from the EZ Stop deli downstairs, heated meat pie and Odwalla Wellness. I fear the meat is not the highest quality. but the ecinacia smoothie is helpful i ask allan "what word rhymes with taffeta?" and he says "i'm just going to ignore you." Nat and Allan are arming themselves with