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commentson 3 January 2005 : 07:48, João sez:

Justin, I am experiencing this at the moment with another friend. He quit his job at an investment back, went to India for 2 weeks to visit orphanages and his childhood memories. Came back and starting blogging about real stories, instead of Cali living.

He doesn´t mind that I reblog his blog. Or that I post our IMs. Or our emails.

Wierd how we connect with the oddest people at the oddest time in the oddest places.

Maybe we will move to New York and become producers. Maybe we will just keep Iming for the next few years. Maybe.

But not yet.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 11:16, C(h)ristine sez:

I love your personal descriptions.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 11:17, C(h)ristine sez:

p.s. Wilson's scanned face does look creepy -- not that Wilson looks creepy, but that is sure does look like a death mask...or the after effects of a beheading.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 12:42, robin sez:

Wilson looks surprisingly like the King of All Cosmos in this scan, coincidence?

Any word on the collection? I hope that he can dig out.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 20:14, alison sez:

hey, some of wilson's SAME line was featured in Jane magazine recently, and i wouldnt have recognized it had it not been for, plus the SAME shirt you were sportin' on your visit to sb. mad props!
oh, and by all mean, write endless about me. Seriously.
rock on.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 21:01, Liz sez:

"see him hit the reset button on his life every few years: alienate a serious lover, jeopardize his work, go a bit crazy, binge, upset his whole balance"

I knew I thought this guy was attractive for some reason. He sounds like my type.

Ok Justin, I'm dying to see the tee shirt. I love that SAME gear.

commentson 4 January 2005 : 02:14, sojun ikkyu sez:

I like to stay in touch with me because he's so smart.

illuminating slip....

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