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commentson 3 January 2005 : 19:55, Lulu sez:

Yes!!! Right on!

commentson 3 January 2005 : 20:47, C(h)ristine sez:

brussel sprouts are awesome! my husband introduced them to me -- little tiny cabbages -- and best when bought on the stalk. boiled, steamed, sauteed...mrmm!!!! or even, in a stew.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 21:14, Mark Kraft sez:

Funny you should mention this...

I went on a drive with my girlfriend this weekend, taking hwy 17 to Santa Cruz, then south on hwy 1 down to Moss Landing, and then back over to 101 north. Along the way there are numerous stands run by local farmers, especially ones for artichokes and brussel sprouts, which you can buy amazingly fresh, still on the stalk.

"On the stalk?" you say? Yes, indeed. Each stalk is about a yard in length, contained about 70 brussel sprouts, and cost us $1.50 each. Add to that the bags of approximately 15 small artichokes you can buy for $3 at another roadside market on the same ride and you've got your veggies covered for quite awhile, dirt cheap!

commentson 3 January 2005 : 22:51, Brian Sharp [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

i made brussels sprouts with the browned butter and gruyere for my family when i went home and they loved them.

i just made more tonight, back home in austin, for myself for dinner.

god, they're so good. someday i will have to try a different way of preparing them, i suppose. but not yet. no, not yet.

commentson 4 January 2005 : 06:39, George sez:

Have had a couple of bowls in the last week, steamed, deliciously crunchy and perfect. Now, if only broccoli didn't pack as much Vitamin C as it does ...

commentson 4 January 2005 : 14:37, João sez:

We had Brussel Sprouts roasted for Thanksgiving at my sister´s friends house in Brooklyn. Much attention and detail were put to preparing them. Many different subtle flavours.

I ate them. I was being polite.

commentson 5 January 2005 : 00:16, :: jozjozjoz :: sez:

I *heart* brussel sprouts.

commentson 5 January 2005 : 05:54, João sez:

Hm, let me emphasize that Brussels Sprouts are creatures from outerspace, not for human consumption . . since there isn´t a new post.. heh cheers

commentson 5 January 2005 : 09:30, stan hodgson sez:

The real name for it is "Brussels sprouts." The B is often uncapitalized, but since it refers to the city of Brussels, the s is a must. A member of the brassica family-- cabbage is the most common vegetable therein--brussels sprouts were first bred in Belgium, over 600 years ago, hence the name, brussels sprouts. Enjoyment through Knowledge.

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