Three Days to Thirty


In my backyard, there's a fire pit. The woman who lived here before me built it. It's definitely not legal - open fires are not friendly for neighborhoods packed with houses.

But my place has a bit of space around it. Enough that I can have ten drummers drumming, she said. Late at night, in the out of doors.

I don't know if I'm feeling tribal, but I am feeling almost Thirty. Hurrah! Another year passed, and nearly a round number.

That will be mid-December for my birthday. And I want to celebrate with friends. Just before December 16th, I'm turning this house out - I'm opening my doors, putting airmattresses on my floors, and I'm going to have a sleepover.

Three days, December 10-12. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. A cookout, graven image carving, paper mache object making, dancing, gaming, film screening, church service seminar sleepover. A weekend of activities, yakking, eating and enjoying. The fire pit in full swing.

Here at this house, in Culver City. It's small but there's so many places to sleep. And besides that, I have a number of frequent flyer miles that I hope to spend flying foreign friends here to stay between these walls.

So, come as you are, come as you will - whenever you like. I'll post a schedule somewhere online - roughly everything happens all at once, all weekend long, you are invited, come when you can and stay as long as you want.

Preliminary Schedule

Anyone is free to arrive any time after Wednesday.

Friday, 10 December
The festivities start on Friday, with a cookout, campfire, get to know you, and movie screening.

Saturday, 11 December
Day: Painting, mask making, paper mache, stone carving graven images.
Night: Music, dancing, drinking, more fire, more movies. Media melange!

Sunday, 12 December
Church service - what did you do in the last year? How did that change your worldview?


Watch this page for schedule updates, additional details and RSVP if you like on the Three Days to Thirty Wiki. So far the guest list includes three people coming from Sweden! Svante's family (see DemonBox) including his 2 year old daughter Lo!

We're gonna have some "Micro University Moments" throughout, where we speak on some topic we're fascinated by for five minutes, and take questions for another five minutes. Dense, fast, fun knowledge sharing. Think about what you'd want to bring a teach-in. (This is an idea I got from Howard Rheinhold - I went to a Micro University at his house and learned about Giant Squids, the Geneva Convention, the History of Coffe Houses, and the Idea of the Future - rad!)

You can stay on a bed, couch, mattress or floor at my house - it'll be a big sleepover. There's also a hotel nearby, the historic Culver Hotel, where the munchkins stayed during the filming of the Wizard of Oz. Reportedly they had little people orgies there! Rooms start at $89.