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commentson 16 December 2004 : 06:33, alex sez:

Happy birthday Justin! It's good to see that all the glitz and glamour of southern california life hasn't changed you for the worse.

commentson 16 December 2004 : 09:01, Paul sez:

Happy b'day Justin, hope it is a good one. Someone told me recently that your thirties are the new twenties. Anyway, have fun.

commentson 16 December 2004 : 10:57, markus sez:

happy birthday

commentson 16 December 2004 : 12:30, Abbie sez:

Happy Birthday!!

The 30s I think is one of the best times in someone's life, especially if you are Justin!

commentson 16 December 2004 : 12:49, Ben sez:

Nice party, Chester. Be sure to do it again next year. Why should 30 be any more or less significant than 31?

commentson 16 December 2004 : 13:54, shady sez:

happy birthday justin.

commentson 16 December 2004 : 18:43, João sez:

Hmm. Justin, you wrote about so many things in that post. Actually, I am not sure if I should even comment, since it is your birthday and your observations...

commentson 16 December 2004 : 19:35, john sez:

hey justin im glad you are joining my friends and I in growing moustaches for the holidays! if you have the density consider some styles...

commentson 16 December 2004 : 22:25, robin sez:

Happy Birthday - but please, get a haircut and a shave!

commentson 17 December 2004 : 02:53, Olaf Eichler sez:

I visited the body world exhibition some 2 years ago, and the piece that irritated me the most was the pregnant woman. The exhibition was highly controversial over here, and Gunther von Hagen is into trouble lately because of some rumors where he got the cadavers from. I wonder how you "liked" the whole thing and what kind of media-hype is made around that (remebering the Superbowl "incident" that didn't even cause a lifted eyebrow over here in Germany and the kind of media-focus that von Hagen got over here, I kind of expected protests in front of the exhibition, riots, eggs been thrown on poor Gunther ..).
A ... Happy Birthday "grumpy" :-D

commentson 17 December 2004 : 05:26, gia sez:


Happy Birthday. Found your website via a search for love hotels. Keep documenting your life in excruciating detail for yearsandyearsandyears.

commentson 17 December 2004 : 10:03, jerome sez:

i wish i could have come... i've never tasted chililimebuttercauliflower.
please mail me some, next time!

commentson 17 December 2004 : 12:34, kurt sez:

You get colds or brushes with colds too often.

Do you exercise routinely at all? Eat some sort of consistent or regular diet?

Most of my non-sleeping hours are spent in front of a computer screen, under serious stress. This started to tell in the form of fat and colds as entered my 30s, not paying attention to regular food or exercise.

Moderate running and cutting portion sizes and most sugar eliminated the colds. I've taken up a very modest routine of push-ups, stomach crunches, and that sort of thing. It's trimmed me up nicely, and takes no time.

I suggest taking a hard look at your habits. Around 30 the metabolism slows way down, and you have to consider your body as no longer youthfully self-renewing.

If you're a sniffly and wraith-like now, you should worry.

You don't need to become a fitness cultist or aging jock. (Hateful people, those.)

oh, yeah, happy birthday.

commentson 17 December 2004 : 22:02, Cicely sez:

At the risk of sounding repetitive, happy birthday! I guess we're the avant-garde of our class... I turn 30 next month. Nothing so bohemian planned, though... so far...

commentson 18 December 2004 : 15:37, :: jozjozjoz :: sez:

Happy birthday, Justin!

Many happy returns!

commentson 19 December 2004 : 12:00, James sez:

Justin, happy birthday.

P.S., I saw you mentioned in the NYT article entitled "Your Blog or Mine?" It's nice to see you getting recognition for pioneering this form --- I don't think anyone has measured up to the rough-hewn greatness of, though.

commentson 20 December 2004 : 18:39, Don Wrege sez:

Mr. Hall,

May you continue spreading your light and stimulating thought.

And try to stay out of trouble too.

Happy birthday and have a great 2005 kid.

Don Wrege
Boulder, CO

commentson 20 December 2004 : 23:05, Kim Pallister sez:

>waitlisted for a 10-day silent meditation retreat in the middle of nowhere.

Am I the only one that sees the irony in this?

I think it's a great idea, but I think you should do it on a ski-slope, and just don't talk to any one.

Or follow this advice:

Whichever way you do it, it's got to be good for the soul.


commentson 21 December 2004 : 00:19, leyla sez:

happy birthday.. thanks for offering your films to the world via the internet. they are food for thought and debate.

and, if you haven't already, go to the Mediterranean Cafe off Venice for the world's best baklava. ever. seriously..

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