Comments on cold, so cold
commentson 30 November 2004 : 23:58, Joao sez:

Ah, it's chilly here, too! But who would have imagined that it would be in the 20s in Los Angeles, seems way to cold for that area?

commentson 1 December 2004 : 10:45, Liz sez:

I'm in the Philly area and the weather doesn't seem that* bad here. Maybe I'm just use to it? *shrugs*

commentson 1 December 2004 : 16:31, alison sez:

Scarves ahoy I tell you!

commentson 1 December 2004 : 17:34, Judy sez:

I see a trip to Best Buy in your future!

commentson 5 December 2004 : 16:33, bret sez:

Eric Haller's brother here.

I live in Venice, and have a space heater if you need one. I bought it last year for 80 or something and used it maybe 10 times before we got the gas heater to work. 30 bucks o.b.o takes it!


I think that this is the model:

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