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commentson 8 November 2004 : 11:54, Joao sez:

No, we are just forsaking it. We are a product of mother nature that doesn't bother to call or write. Then, we think we can buy mom some plastic surgery later on to fix her up!

commentson 8 November 2004 : 13:24, Liz sez:

That is so adorable! One thing I love about your blog is your on going respect for kids. It's very sweet.

commentson 8 November 2004 : 15:57, jah sez:

No kid, we are not mother nature... but if you continue to hop up and down next to the hot tub, my dog is going to be whipped into a tornado-like frenzy and will knock you down administering licks til you are flattened and a shore house on Key West after hurricane Jean. So you see...although we are NOT mother nature, sometimes we can CONTROL mother nature.

commentson 8 November 2004 : 16:15, Justin Hall [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

I told him I thought that humans are sort of like an angry, conflicted father, coupling with mother nature to make odd things.

commentson 9 November 2004 : 18:27, alison sez:

This band is playing at the Troubadour on Thursday night. It may be too metal for your blood, but I swear they fuckin rule so hard. I'll be there rocking and would love to see you!

commentson 9 November 2004 : 23:34, Kenny sez:

Who's the kid? And does he want to be in our 519 movie?

commentson 10 November 2004 : 16:02, Joao sez:

Did you have him sign a release so you could post his photo? :-)

commentson 12 November 2004 : 11:10, Liz sez:

Haha Joao. :) He is an adorable child though.

commentson 12 November 2004 : 16:00, leyla sez:

is mother nature really some thing?

and what's that oatmeal & green slop he is eating?

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